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Wishlist #1

Hi everyone!

In these uncertain times, it's hard to know what we can and can't do. Being advised to stay at home means unfortunately, I can't head out to get new content for blog posts. However, that isn't going to stop me! I thought I'd put together a few items that I am lusting over at the moment; if finances were unlimited, they would be coming home with me. I know to some people, these might not be the most interesting of posts - but hopefully you enjoy...

Charles Jeffrey - £595

First up, this amazing cropped jacket from Charles Jeffrey. Slowly but surely, Charles Jeffrey has taken over the top spot and become my favourite fashion designer. I find that on a weekly basis, I am trawling the internet to stare longingly at his designs, wishing that I ever had a chance to afford it. It was hard to choose just one item to show on my wishlist, but I haven't ever seen an item as unique as this jacket. Note that it also comes with a matching kilt too - swoon!

Bella Freud - £95

Bella Freud has always been up there as one of my favourite designers - ever since she entered my radar after collaborating with Fred Perry. Since then, my collection has grown with pieces from those collections, as well as a few indulgent knitwear pieces from Bella's own label. Although there is room for my knitwear collection to grow with some of her dreamy knits, I'm longing for this t-shirt for summer time. I have visions of it working amazingly under suits, with skirts, and just with jeans when I want a laid-back vibe.

Dr Martens x RAF SIMONS - £225

Obviously, there was going to be a pair of Dr Martens featured on my wishlist. And, obviously, they were going to be these beauties! Surprisingly, although I do own quite a few pairs of Dr Martens, I don't actually have a pair of 1460s in my collection. I feel like if I did own a standard, black pair, I would always reach for my more 'eye catching' DMs instead. However, when this Raf Simons collaboration was released, I truly considered owning a pair of 1460s. I know if I owned them, I would be reaching to wear them with everything, time and time again. Unfortunately, the price is a little bit higher than what I would like to spend, but you never know - one day the temptation might take hold of me!

Vivienne Westwood - £620

It wouldn't be a wishlist without a piece by Vivienne Westwood, now would it? And a very indulgent piece it is! Scrolling the website, it's hard to narrow down to just one piece I would love to own. However, I've had my eye on this blazer for a long while now, as I feel that it is the piece that would blend so seamlessly into my wardrobe. The exaggerated lapel, cropped style and gorgeous grey/green colour combination are what drew my attention - and I feel that the styling opportunities with this piece are just endless. Now, to find a spare £620 lying around....

Hades - £220

Okay, so I feel like I'm cheating a little by adding this item to my wishlist - but I don't actually own it.... yet. Yes, back at the beginning of February, I pre-ordered one of these amazing Hades / X-Ray Spex jumpers. I've been toying with the idea of buying a Hades knit for some time now, especially one of the brand-defining alphabet jumpers, however the price has always scared me away. I knew that they would have to release something truly special, to make me part with my money. Well, they did! A knit in a colour of which I don't own anything similar, featuring the lyrics of one of my all-time favourite songs to boogie to! I've received a couple of updates from Hades, and my knit should be here soon - I hope you're ready for me to show it off.

The Great Frog - £180

I wanted to add something other than clothing to my list, however, I have a self-confessed fear of accessorising. Yes, it is a real thing. Because of this, I let my earrings and rings do the talking. The Great Frog are definitely the brand to do the talking!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics x Shane Dawson - £52

And finally, another non-clothing piece. As most of you will know, I have developed a severe makeup addiction recently. I try not to spend every penny of my wage on makeup products, but I just have to have this JSC x Shane Dawson palette. When the palette was first released, I felt like I could live without it. However, naturally as time went on, I realised I was wrong - I can not live without it. Unfortunately, it is now out of stock on Beauty Bay, so my life is consisting of checking every single day until it becomes available again.... Fingers crossed I won't be waiting much longer.

I hope you enjoy this kind of post, whilst we are all conforming to social distancing requirements, it's difficult to get styling photographs lately. Let me know if you want to see more - and if any of these items are on your wishlists too!

Until next time,

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