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Updated: Jan 16, 2019

So, hello! To get started with my first ever blog post (exciting stuff, I know!) I thought there was no better way than to begin with the print that conquers them all.... Leopard print! Now I've experimented with many, many prints / colours / patterns in my time, but none of them can really capture my heart in the same way. It's fun, sassy and a little bit adventurous and, in my option, that's definitely the way to live life!

The link between leopard print and the 1970/80s punk scene is really what captures my attention - particularly being sported by the one and only Debbie Harry, an absolute fashion icon as we all know. Seeing ripped fishnets and leopard print skirts, or even leopard leotards for those who felt more daring really captures how the music scene was influencing fashion at that time.

However, it is not only the history of music and rebellion that lure me towards its feline charm but also how versatile the print can be. In my opinion, a leopard print skirt is a wardrobe essential and no girl should have to live through Autumn without one! Although, it does not stop there. Admittedly, I am a little bit of a hoarder when it comes to leopard print, and the people closest to me are all aware of this, meaning that no birthday or Christmas can pass by being completely 'leopard-free'. I feel that my love of the print is hereditary, passed down through generations. A perfect example of this is myself and my Nan rocking the exact same leopard jumper on Christmas Day - proof that there is no age-limit on this timeless look!

I suppose, in a way, this encouraged me to start blogging in the first place, resulting in this first post. I follow many bloggers and find it fascinating to see what exactly influences someone's style, as well as discovering innovative ways to wear a piece that I may not have though of myself. That being said, it recently occurred to me that there is a 'gap in the market' for mod / punk / 2 tone inspired bloggers. Many, many girls who I follow over on Instagram can effortlessly throw on a simple linen number and a pair of espadrilles and although I admire this elegant, classic style, it just simply isn't 'me'. I'm constantly on the hunt for more people to connect with and follow who have something a little bit different about them that really clicks with me. Yes, I know there are alternative bloggers out there - Helen Anderson being a prime example, amongst others. There just aren't enough!

Without wanting to ramble too much, I shall leave it here and hope to post again very soon! Until then, I will still be on the lookout for new people to follow and be inspired by, so any recommendations will be gratefully accepted.

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