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Unicorn Cosmetics Wicked Palette: 5 Looks and Review

Hello everyone,

Recently, I've been on the hunt for a new eyeshadow palette, as I wasn't feeling too inspired by the ones in my collection anymore. As if by magic, the makeup Gods heard my request and the Wicked palette popped up on my Instagram explore page, the very day that it was released. Now, Unicorn cosmetics are a brand I have heard of before, but never really checked out any of their releases - or know very much about them. Despite this, I decided to go out on a whim and purchase the Wicked palette, and when you see it I think you will understand why....

Anyone who knows me well enough will understand, without me having to explain, why this is my dream palette. I instantly felt so inspired by the colour story, and envisioned so many grungy, gothic looks to be created. As well as this, I have green eyes and I just know that most of these shades will compliment that so well. Like I said earlier, it's been a while since I've felt inspired by my makeup collection, so you can imagine how excited I was when this arrived.

First off, I must mention there was a slight delay with the shipping, which I was notified by email straight away. Brand owner, Mel, got in touch to let me know that there was an issue with my palette passing through customs, and that they were working hard to resolve the issue and get it to me as quickly as possible. I also learnt from those emails that the palettes are made and shipped from China, which initially did worry me (being vegan and cruelty free myself). However, I expressed my concerns to Mel and received a reply immediately, assuring me that although the palettes are made in China, they are not sold in mainland China, therefore they are in fact vegan and cruelty free.

So, anyway, that's all I have to say about the ordering process -let's get on with talking about how the palette actually performs. I decided the best way to know how good this palette really is, is to practice 5 looks before making up my mind. Below, I will share the 5 looks that I created, followed by my overall thoughts about the Wicked palette. Please note, I am not a pro when it comes to makeup, so try not to think about that too much, this is all just about the performance of the palette and how easy I found it to use. All photographs are taken by the window, in natural sunlight, and I left them unedited.

Look One

For the first look, I really wanted to try out a grey and black smokey eye - as it is something I gravitate to a lot of the time. The teal shimmer shade, Hela, also caught my eye initially, so I decided to stick that in the middle and see how it turned out. First impressions, the grey shades were very creamy and applied well and it didn't take a lot of shadow to really build up a colour. The simmer also applied like a dream, and I used a mixture of a brush at first, then used my finger to build up the intensity of the shine. The only place I really encountered any difficulty was the use of the black shade, Reaper. Although it did do its job of adding depth to the inner and outer portions of my eye, I struggled to build it up to a deep opacity in the same way I can with other blacks in my collection. I also found it didn't stick to some areas and was particularly patchy in the outer corner (best shown in the middle photograph). All in all though I am happy with this look, and the way the shadows performed.

Shades used: Hex; Misery; Hela; Reaper; Omen; Summon

Look Two

Then, of course, the green shades were speaking to me; so they were the next to be tried out. Personally, I think that purple and green work really well together, and really enabled me to live out my true gothic fantasy. This look is the first time I experienced the shades looking slightly different on the eye, as they do in the pan: particularly shade Sage. As the name suggests, in the pan this shade looks like a sage green, yet applies to the eye with a blueish-green tint. Perhaps, if I planned on applying Sage to the whole of the lid, I could really build it up to show as a green on the eye, but with the small amount I used here, that was not the case. Despite this, I still loved the way the colours turned out, and the contrast of the purple against the green. The purple shade, Wicked, which I used also seemed to come out deeper and more 'blue' than the colour in the pan suggests. This isn't something that bothers me entirely, but is definitely something to note.

Shades used: Sage; Envy; Omen; Wicked; Fallen

Look Three

For this look, I wanted to experiment with the blues in the palette, as I haven't ever really owned many blue shadows up until now. The pale blue shade, Eternal, was really nice and easy to work with; it took very minimal blending to look good. To brighten up the inner corner I opted to add some shimmer, and found that the shimmers don't tend to work amazingly with a dry brush. Most of the time, I use my fingers to apply shimmers to add to the intensity and I've found that with this palette particularly that seems to be the best way! I still want to play around with some more of the shimmers until I come to a conclusion about how they perform.

Shades used: Eternal; Creep; Holy; Summon

Look Four

Here is another example of the shades not looking exactly the same on the eye, as they do in the pan. Personally, I do not find this a massive problem - but I would suggest swatching the shades before you use them just so that you know truly what you are working with. For example, the darkest shade I used here, Ritual, appears to be a warm-toned brown in the pan but definitely translates as more of a deep pink on the eye. Again, this isn't too much of a big deal to me and also could be due to the colours I chose to pair it with in this look. The shimmer I used here, 666, is definitely the most intense of the bunch, but I absolutely suggest applying with your finger, as my brush did absolutely nothing with this loosely packed shimmer.

Shades used: Divine; Ritual; Soul; 666; Ungodly; Summon

Look Five

So, of course, for my fifth and final look I decided to go big or go home! There were a few colours remaining in the palette that I hadn't used, so I wanted to test those out before I could fully make my mind up about the Wicked palette. All in all, I am happy with this look and how the colours blend and work together. I would say I struggled slightly with the purple, Jinx, blend, however I know that purple is a notoriously difficult shade to work with, so I could blame that more on my lacking makeup skills rather than the actual shadow. Like I said, I love how this look turned out and it was a great look to finish on for this review.

Shades Used: Envy; Corpse; Afterlife; Eternal; Jinx; Angel; Holy; Reaper; Summon; Omen

Final Thoughts

My final review on the Unicorn Cosmetics Wicked palette, is that it is definitely my new favourite. I find the colour story so inspiring, and I feel that the looks I featured in this post prove how versatile the palette really is. Whether you are looking for a dark and moody smokey eye, everyday neutrals, or a colourful rainbow look - this palette has you covered! I found the shadows so easy to blend and work with, they all seem to work well together and don't seem to look 'muddy' when different colours are places together. My makeup skills are definitely average, but I would say any level of makeup lover will have a great time working with this palette. Because of the way the shades are laid out it's easy to see which colours work well together, so even a makeup novice can create killer looks with the Wicked palette.

Like I touched upon before, some of the colours look different on the eye than they do in the pan. This may bother some people, however, I feel as long as you have swatched the shade before you use it so that you know exactly what you're working with - this isn't an issue. Also, the shimmer shades aren't exactly the most mind-blowing formulas, and definitely work better when applied with the finger. Myself personally, I'm not massively into really wet-looking blinding shimmers so I find no issue with that, however it is definitely something to note as everyone has their own preferences. Other than this, I really struggle to find any other negatives to bring up.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I know it has been a super long one! If you managed to make it this far - you did well! I had a lot of fun putting this post together, so I hope that you enjoyed it too; please let me know which of the looks you enjoyed the most.

Until next time,

The Wicked Palette - Unicorn Cosmetics (£29.99)

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