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Two Years of Go Ask Ellice

Hello, hello!

I'm back with an exciting blog post - to celebrate two whole years of my blog. Well, I never thought I would hear myself saying that. As I mentioned in my post celebrating my blog's first birthday (here) I'd spent so long of my life *wishing* that I could find the confidence to start a blog, never thinking I genuinely would. However, two years later how wrong could I have been?

This year of blogging has been an exciting one, that I am really proud of what I have created. I am so thankful and appreciative of everyone who takes the time to read my posts, and even give such lovely positive feedback. My blog is the place I can really pour out my thoughts and feelings, judgement free, and it's a comforting place for me to really ramble about the ways of the world every now and again...

As mentioned, it has been a really fun year of blogging, and I have had the help of more photographers than ever before in my experience. I absolutely love having the creative input of other people, to see how they would like the photographs to turn out, and inject some of their own creativity into every shot. Similarly to my last anniversary post, I'm going to take a closer look into some of my posts from this past blogging year, starting with September 2019.

This post about personal style and labeling I have to say is one of my my favourite yet. It is a subject I love to talk about, a mix of personal thoughts and feelings, mixed in with what I love the most: clothes and styling! This was also the first time I has experienced film photography, with the great Leeds-based photographer: Alex Ivory. I adore how all of these photographs turned out, and had such a fun time taking them. During this past blogging year, this was not the only time I experienced film photography, as it was also featured in a post from this year in March.

In this purely style-based post, I discussed the joy of supporting independent, 'slow fashion' brands, and worked with another amazing film photographer: Holly! Again, there is just something about the certain effect that film gives to photographs that really appeals to me. Especially because of the way I dress and where I take my inspiration, I love that grainy effect given to the photos, meaning they could've been taken some time in the past. These shots were taken for Holly's university work, where she created an unreal collection of bad-ass shots of equally bad-ass women, which she was kind enough to let me use! This certainly won't be the last time that we collaborate, and I can't wait for the time we work together again.

Speaking of collaboration again, this is the second time I worked with Kwame, on a post about Summer style and how to tackle our fears of the changing seasons. Shooting with Kwame is always so fun, we always have a laugh and never take things too seriously. Luckily with these shots, we managed to make the most of the time we had shooting outdoors, before the torrential rains came and called it a day for us. I love the dreamy hue that is cast over all of these photographs, and although I am not usually used to shooting within nature, I can't think of a better backdrop to suit this outfit and the post.

Another photography-genuis I worked with was my beloved friend Beth! Although we only had the aid of an iPhone to take these shots, this girl laid on the ground for me to get the right angles: if that isn't true friendship, I don't know what the hell is! This post was another deeply personal one, and I am always overwhelmed by the lovely response I get from people when publishing something like this. As I mentioned before, this blog is my place to just pour out my feelings, and the fact that people agree with me and find comfort in what I say, is just a huge added bonus.

As we're all experiencing a lockdown situation here in the UK, as well as many other places in the world, I tried my hand at shooting some portraits of myself. In this post, where I share some of my beloved jewellery pieces, I tried my hand at getting creative and creating something, without leaving the confines of my bed. Other ways I have tried to achieve this, is by creating Wishlist posts - or handy makeup tutorials, as I try to improve my skills.

And finally, the 'Music' tab on here finally gained some content! I'm still unsure of the direction I want to go with that, and how often I really intend to post over there. But at the end of the year, I did a breakdown of the top albums that were released in 2019 that I thought were worth talking about! I enjoyed doing a round-up of the great releases from last year, and definitely intend on writing another when the time comes.

So there we have it, a quick whistle-stop tour of my second year into blogging. I feel, even more than the previous year, that I feel proud of this space I have created. The first year of blogging, I felt a lot of pressure for everything to be perfect, and only present the best of the best. However, to me, blogging is a hobby, and the fact that people read along with my posts is just overwhelming, yet I have found that taking the pressure off of myself with what I post (and how often I post) has yielded the most positive result!

I will definitely not be slowing down, and I can't wait to work with so many more talented people - while doing what I love.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read this post, and if you have been here since the beginning: I love you!

Until next time,

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