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The Quarterly-Life Crisis

Hello everyone!

It's very (very) late but Happy New Year to you all. I am back after an almost three month hiatus, and let me tell you, I have a lot to natter on about. I feel horrid for leaving it so long to post on here but things, as always, got in the way. So here I sit, on a Saturday night, gin in hand, ready to pour out my heart to anyone who will listen (read). What a riveting life I live...

Now, like everyone else on the planet, since the New Year I have been over-thinking and contemplating almost every aspect of my life. I feel that already, less than a month in, I've already suffered extreme highs and devastating lows when it comes to matters of my mental well-being. I shall opt to call this phase of my life the 'quarterly-life crisis' stage (similar to a mid-life crisis, however, I have not yet booked a mini cruise or spent my children's inheritance on a Range Rover, so a little lower caliber). Amongst many things that have been plaguing my mind of recent times, my career and future happiness has taken the top spot again and again.

For my whole life I have struggled with the "where do you see yourself in...." questions - thinking about that day's evening meal is difficult enough? But the future, well, that just seems like something that will never come. Yet here we are, the future has come, and I'm here, a confused '20-something' trying to keep head above water. I have to admit, I brought this on myself. I've studied and I've worked hard and got my qualifications, yet I've always been drawn to my passion, which is working in retail. I think there's a possibility that I have a screw loose somewhere in my brain, but working in retail is what I love and enjoy and find that I thrive. Yet working in retail does have its disadvantages, mainly the shift patterns. Working weekends and evenings makes it hard to socialise, but also compromises the time I have to write and work here, on my blog, which is something I am really passionate about.

This leads me nicely to explaining some of the little things that will be different over here, some of you observant ones may have noticed them already. In my search to find a job that allows me enough time to focus on writing my blog, I also want to work a little harder at getting my writing recognised and maybe even one day work towards a career doing so. I have decided to start reviewing books - reading has been an interest of mine since as long as I can remember. Since a very young age I remember hurrying to finish a book, desperate to get onto another one. My local library used to question my 9-year-old self when I checked out 10 books at a time, only to be shocked when I'd return them (all read) the following week, eager for more. I know a lot of people this year who have chosen for their New Year's Resolution to be to read more. What better way to make this easier for you all than to read the books first, then tell you if it's worth the effort or not?

As well as this, I will be reviewing music. I have not yet decided what bases this will actually cover, but expect live music reviews whenever I am lucky enough to attend anything of the sort! I think that now would be the perfect time to learn my way around a digital camera. If I ever am lucky enough to land myself a job that allows me enough time to sit down and write, I will also provide newly released album reviews, if the mood so takes me.

Let's talk about the things that are not going to change in 2019 - me! No matter where life may take me, or where I end up in 2020, I never want to achieve anything by being a fake-ass bitch. My dress sense will be as wild as ever, I will continue to have no filter and I always want to chase what I love, no matter what. I am truly excited about what is to come this year, hopefully I can enter the following months with similar optimism and an equally as incredible outfit - if not slightly closer to my dream of being paid to write!

I'll be back shortly with an update on how I'm surviving the quarterly-life crisis, as well as many more exciting adventures.

Until then,

Polo - Fred Perry

Kilt - Fred Perry x Le Kilt

Boots - Dr Martens

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