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The Future of Blogging

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Hi everyone!

It's been a while... I have been dying to get back behind the keyboard again to bring you a new post. I always knew that I had some fun and exciting things coming up in the next few months, this shoot with Kirsty being one of them. It was such a hard decision to narrow down which photos to share with you all, so be prepared for this post to be a long one.

I've been reflecting a lot lately on the future of blogging, and how things have changed since the first 'influencers' came onto the scene. Initially, blogging became about spreading the word about a clothing item or product, influencing others to rush out and make the purchase themselves. Bloggers had to constantly be wearing the latest upcoming trends, sharing clothing that was hot off the press - the new 'must-have' piece.

It's not difficult to see the shift in the way bloggers present themselves, as well as the message they wish to portray through their platform. To me, blogging is so much more than encouraging others to rush to the stores to buy the same clothing as yourself. When I first began Go Ask Ellice, over two years ago now, I would have never featured an item of clothing that I couldn't attach a direct web page link to. Fast forward to the present day, and I am sharing with you some photographs I am really happy with, on a journey of sustainability, in an outfit completely curated of vintage, second-hand and one-off fashion pieces.

Am I worried that people are going to be unhappy that they can't directly shop the items in this post? Absolutely not! Taking inspiration from other people's looks, and putting your own spin on it is the most creative and exciting part of finding your own style. If we all bought exactly the same on-trend fashion pieces, life would be very boring indeed.

So let's talk about the outfit. First off, I must speak about my beloved mohair striped jumper. This is probably one of my best eBay finds to date, bought from a wonderful vintage seller based in France - I will never get sick of wearing this so hopefully you will also never tire of seeing it! Lately, I have been on a mission to delve more into vintage clothing (especially in thrift shops) which is exactly how I managed to pick up these amazing tartan shorts. Most of you who have been around for a while are familiar with my obsession with tartan, and browsing the vintage shops in Manchester recently, I couldn't bear to come home without them.

The joy of picking up a pre-loved or vintage item of clothing just can't compare to the detached feeling of buying from an online fast-fashion site, or high street shop. Finding a bargain, or a super unique piece is what makes shopping fun. Also, the knowledge that you are giving an item a new lease of life is such a rewarding feeling. This brings me to these stunning Underground England creepers which I bought (brand new!) from a seller on Depop. Admittedly, it took me a while to succumb to Depop as I didn't believe I would ever find any clothing items that would particularly interest me. Oh, how wrong I was!

Finally, the star of the show.... My one of a kind, handmade, breathtaking bag made by my wonderful and talented friend Louise. Since I first saw a version of this bag that Louise made for her university collection, I knew I had to get my hands on one. Incorporating this handbag into my wardrobe felt like the most natural thing in the world, it just works effortlessly and seamlessly with everything that I own! The beautiful silver fabric speaks for itself, and really glows when it catches in the sunlight - which I think Kirsty has captured fabulously in these shots. I am such a proud owner of this amazing piece, which is another thing I hope you don't tire of seeing all of the damn time.

Although I can't provide any links to allow you to shop this particular post, I hope that you can still find inspiration in these images. If I can encourage just one person to experiment and play with their style, or to check to see if you can find an item second-hand before purchasing brand new - then my work is done and I couldn't be happier.

Thank you for reading, and a huge thanks to Kirsty for providing the photography. Stay tuned for some more exciting projects coming here soon, but until then,

Jumper - eBay

Belt - Vivienne Westwood

Shorts - COW Manchester

Bag - Louise Luyckx

Shoes - Underground England (Depop)

Photographer - Kirsty Smith

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