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The Evolution of my Style


Right now, at this moment, I feel very comfortable and settled when it comes to my personal style. To me, style is something than can (and should) be ever changing. Having a strong sense of identity is something I hold close to my heart, but becoming too much of the same terrifies me. I thought that now would be a great time to delve into my style over the years, and look at how things have changed. Another important thing to try and remember is how I was feeling at the time, and how, if at all this affected the way I presented myself. This will probably be a roller-coaster ride for both myself, and you as a reader; so buckle up, let's take a ride...

Over the years, my idea of a 'go to' look has changed massively. It's hard to pin-point a specific look to a certain year, however something from that year has always remained throughout, be it an item of clothing, the style, or the fit.

Let's go right back to August 2014 - a time where I feel I could have truly defined my style. I was much more into the tailored, 'modette' look. As you can probably tell by the perfectly straight haircut, I was really into sharp clean looks, minimal accessorising and maximum paisley! If I compare this to a recent photograph of myself, it's clear that my influences have changed massively. Now, I take on a much more maximal approach to accessorising, as well as amping up my makeup to the fullest, something I would have never even dared to experiment with back then.

Now, here a headless Ellice is, all the way back in October 2014. I found the similarities between this outfit - almost 6 years ago - and one of my most recent styling posts, quite uncanny. Fred Perry shirt? Check! Oxblood red Dr Martens? Check! We have it all. Although nowadays, I would prefer a more 'feminine' bottom option with a short sleeved shirt, there isn't much I would change about the outfit on the left. One thing, however, that would be changed in an instant: I would never even think of wearing a pair of smart trousers and shoes with.... no socks! What was she thinking?!

Jumping forward to September 2015, not much difference to be noted here! I always have been, and always will be, a lover of a bold trouser. Naturally, of course, paired with Dr Martens and a Fred Perry - oh so predictable. The only thing to note is where I got each pair of trousers from, the left pair being from River Island, the newer pair being my beloved Vivienne Westwood alcoholic pants. Nowadays, I probably wouldn't ever shop in River Island, or many of the fast-fashion brands at all, and much prefer to save and spend on labels that stand out and are made to last.

Speaking of re-wearing items, here I am on the left on my 21st birthday wearing my Vivienne Westwood dress of dreams. Since then, I have worn it for many special occasions since, but I realised that things so perfect can't just be stored away for birthdays and weddings. The photograph on the right is how I would normally style the dress more casually, a turtleneck underneath and chunky boots to really get the most out of my purchase. It is now, of course, a tradition to dig out this dress every birthday for the foreseeable!

Another dress which is still going strong, since it's first appearance in September 2014, is this wonderful Fred Perry number. Nothing too different in terms of styling either, I loved it then and I loved it now - enough said! For those of you wondering why I appear to chop off my head back in these days, I honestly can not tell you why. I think probably, at the time, my confidence seemed to lie entirely in my style and my outfits, I never truly had the confidence to post, and show my face at the same time. It seems crazy to think and talk about now, but I genuinely just believed that showing my face in outfit pictures was the most nerve-wracking thing ever back then. Self esteem issues, where you at?

Finally, I wanted to finish with a look I loved then, vs. a look I love now. The outfit on the left was probably my most worn outfit of 2018 - the very on-trend silky midi skirt and oversized jumper from & Other Stories, paired with my beloved cowboy boots. I wore those boots to within an inch of their life (which albeit wasn't very long with them being from Topshop). Compare this to one of my favourite outfits of now, and nothing much has changed. I still adore a chunky jumper and a midi skirt, even if today's version is a little more "punk".

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post, and found it as fun as I did to create. It's so interesting to look back over time and see how things have changed, and how they have very much stayed the same. I find comfort in knowing that I have items in my wardrobe that I had all those years ago, still going strong now. Although it's safe to say my personal style has evolved and developed massively, I think every step that I have taken along the way has influenced who I am today.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you enjoy these style of post - I would love to come back with more.

Until then,

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