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Styling three ways: The Band Tee

Hello everyone!

I'm back again with a post that, I have to admit, is quite an exciting one for me. For many, many years I have been one to throw on a band tee, and always run straight for the merch-stand every concert of festival I attend. With the price of band merchandise continuing to rise, it seems daft to not incorporate a beloved band tee into your wardrobe one way or another, right? So, here's where this post comes in. I thought I'd be interesting to see a few different ways on how to style a band tee, to hopefully suit every occasion. I decided to feature my beloved 'the Hives' t-shirt which I picked up from Finsbury Park at the end of June. It is without a doubt the coolest t shirt I own, and the Hives absolutely blew my mind when I had the opportunity to see them live. So, let's begin with the first of not one, not two, but three ways to style this tee!

Look One

The first look, and admittedly my favourite one of the lot, is something I would generally wear for a night out / when I want to look and feel a little more sassy than usual. Usually, I would be opposed to wearing a skirt this short, but the weather has been glorious and the pattern drew in my attention almost immediately. By tucking in my Hives t-shirt to this cheeky mini skirt, it brings together both masculine and feminine shapes and makes a very lovely silhouette indeed. Now for the final, most important touches, the footwear! And what better way to feel confident and ready to hit the town, than adding a new pair of amazingly fitting cowboy boots! Since purchasing them, they've rarely left my feet, much to the dislike of my aching toes (why must you be so pointy!?) I think they are the perfect pairing with a teeny-tiny skirt and give off all the Western vibes, which are huge for the upcoming seasons.

Sunglasses - Peacocks

Skirt - Topshop

Bag - Dr Martens

Boots - Topshop

Look Two

Now, this look I would probably wear for a day/evening out with the gals where I want to feel a little more classy and girly. Pairing my beloved leopard midi skirt with heeled boots (I usually wear a battered pair of Doc Martens) made me feel very 'put together'. I also have a thing for tying my baggy t-shirts in a knot when I wear things high-waisted to emphasize my waist, and even show a little bit of skin if I'm feeling daring enough! Adding a cute little bag with a handle really finishes off this dainty look, and makes me feel like skipping everywhere.

Skirt - Urban Outfitters

Shoes - Old Topshop (similar here)

Bag - Cambridge Satchel Company - personalised (similar here)

Look Three

This is a look that I has already been tried and tested many, many times. Everyone has their 'go-to' outfit that if they get invited out for a few pints, or a local gig, they resort to time and time again - and this is mine. Jeans and a t-shirt always seems like the most boring, simple outfit but there is just something about this look that makes me walk around feeling like I am the frontwoman in a cool new rock band. For a long while, I heard people recommending the Levi's Wedgie jeans left, right, and centre! However, for some reason it took me quite a while to jump on the bandwagon, but I'm so glad that I did. Their flattering shape goes with absolutely everything, and the length means that you can wear flats, heels or sandals and still look great in all of them. Now for my favourite part, this star print mesh top is such a key piece for layering, especially underneath t shirts to add a little bit of interest. Finally, the shoes! I opted for the pair of Doc Martens I love the most, however, anyone who has worn Doc Martens knows the struggle of breaking them in, and these babies are taking a lot of time! This does, though, make them perfect for trips to the pub where I can take the weight off a little, but still look and feel fabulous!

Star mesh top - Urban Outfitters (similar)

Jeans - Levi's

Shoes - Doc Martens

So there we have it, three (hopefully unconventional) ways to style the plain old band tee! I hope you enjoyed this style of post, let me know how you like to wear your band merchandise too!

Until next time,

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