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Something old, something new.....

Hello everyone, long time no speak!

Quite frankly, it's been a while since I've even had the time to sit down and write anything in the past month. However, I am back with a post that has been formulating in my brain for a long time. The subject is something that all of us have had a lot of exposure lately - fashion sustainability and our impact on the environment. I know that the internet is not short on posts, articles and documentaries surrounding this topic, which is why I've tried to put my own little twist on things. It wasn't until the components of this outfit came together that the idea hit me: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue! Who would've thought that this well-known phrase could've got me thinking so much about our environment and the role I play in its future? Here's how:

Something old

This first point is probably the most simple and obvious component. Saying that, it is probably the thing I have to remind myself over and over again. You do not need to buy a new item of clothing every time you go to a new event, or want to take photographs for a post! For years I've tormented myself over upcoming nights out, stressing out on the high-street in search of a brand new outfit. All of these efforts for this exact outfit to be worn how many times? Once! I have no idea where the inbuilt fear of 'outfit repeating' originated, but it is time it was banished forever. This is where investment pieces come into play, spending a little more on an item that you know will be worn again and again. This Bella Freud jumper will be taken by me to the grave, and will outlive any lower quality high-street knit by many years, whilst still remaining on trend and iconic.

Something new

Despite all of this, being more considerate about our impact on the environment should never feel like a chore. It is not a case of never buying anything new again, but really thinking about what it is you're buying. Will you wear the new item enough times to justify your purchase? Do you have enough in your wardrobe already to make an outfit including this new item? Yes and yes? Then go ahead and make that purchase, we all deserve a treat every now and again. After wearing my well-loved Topshop western boots to the absolute death (RIP my babies!), I knew I was due a replacement. Introducing the snake skin western boots of dreams, a worthy replacement that really do all the talking.

Something borrowed

Now I must admit, I did struggle to link to a component of my outfit that features this concept. However, the message is still the same. One person's trash is another person's treasure. Instead of throwing away all of the clothes you're no longer interested in, donate to charity or offer them to your friends. We all have that one friend who's wardrobe you would love to raid every now and again - well what's stopping you? Sharing clothes is the perfect way to feel like you're wearing something new, without having to worry about buying a new outfit and, subsequently, how this can affect our planet.

Something blue

Although I kind of cheated here with the final step, I couldn't resist the urge to share these new trousers with you now could I? These high-waisted, cobalt blue beauties make me feel at least a foot taller and just scream 'power dressing'. No one should have to live their life without having an item like this in their wardrobe, to make you feel you can conquer the world in just one wear. Even though these trousers specifically were from the high-street, I still consider them an investment piece that I know I will be dying to wear at any opportunity.

Saving the world from the harsh reality of fast fashion is never an ideal that will happen overnight. All we can do is spread the awareness and actively think about our purchases, how they were sourced and if we really need them. Hopefully I've done enough now to spread awareness on the subject, as well as sharing a completely badass outfit with you all.

Until next time,

Jumper - Bella Freud

Trousers - Urban Outfitters

Boots - Urban Outfitters

Bag - Cambridge Satchel Co.

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