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Sleeper 13 - Rob Sinclair

Hello everyone, welcome to my first ever book review! There is no particular reason as to why I started with this book - I finished it only yesterday then decided to introduce the idea of book reviews to the blog, and here we are.

What initially drew me to Sleeper 13 was the reference to Terry Hayes' I Am Pilgrim, the best selling, action packed page-turner many of us will be familiar with. Having read I Am Pilgrim cover to cover twice now, it is safe to say I am a fan. However, with Sleeper 13 offering a mere 432 pages compared to Hayes' 912 - how can it possibly compare?

Within the first handful of pages we are faced with the concept of 'the Thirteen', an elite group of highly skilled jihadis and their reaction to a terror attack carried out in the West. Following this, we are then introduced to the team who devote their lives to capturing the Thirteen and bringing them to justice. One member though, seems to want to bring down the terrorists just as much as the people hunting him. It isn't difficult to how to story line compares to that of I Am Pilgrim. I was hooked from the start, and it didn't take long all for me to get through the rest of the book, here is what I thought:

What I liked

Although we are introduced to several characters and destinations throughout the book, all characters are well established and easy to keep track of, without becoming confused.

It is clear that a lot of research has been put into the topic by the author and events are conducted and explained in a very sophisticated way.

The whole concept is a huge eye opener and makes the reader aware of scenarios that you never even dreamed have, or could, ever have happened.

Good amount of descriptive violence, including more than one cringeworthy gory scene.

Not a particularly gender-specific book: I would not suggest a specific target audience as I think it can be enjoyed by everyone.

Very easy to read and little complex language or unnecessary description, etc.

What I didn't like

Some of the book I found to be a little unrealistic at times and I felt that I became a little detached.

Although I have no actual issue with any of the major characters, I also did not connect with any character in particular (including the 'hero') and felt an indifference when anything seemed to happen to them.

There is quite a long build up to the end event, yet that seems to be quite rushed. I would've liked another 50 or so pages to have gone into perfecting the ending, however, we should be expecting a follow-up to Sleeper 13 later on in the year, so I can understand the somewhat rushed cliffhanger of an ending.

Overall rating: 7/10

Would I recommend?: Yes

Thank you for reading my review I hope it has been enjoyable? Please leave me feedback or get in touch to let me know what you liked, or how I could improve the layout / style of my reviews. Also, of course, hit me with any book recommendations you have that you would love to see me review!

Until next time,

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