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Seeing stars: Tips on staying motivated

Hi everyone,

It may seem a little ironic that the theme of this post is motivation - given the fact that I've been quite absent from blogging and social media in general for the past couple of weeks. However, in a bizarre, paradoxical way I'm living in hope that by writing about being motivated, I'll get the kick up the backside I need to start getting back into what I enjoy! So here goes...

Motivation - what is it and where do we find it? I think I may have finally come to the realisation that has to be forced out of myself, I'm sure many other people are the same. There are, however, a few tips and tricks that I use to drive myself to get things done and get back to feeling my usual, determined self.

1. The soundtrack

Naturally, I have to begin with the most crucial element to getting the most out of your day. I am a firm believer of starting your day right, by listening to that one song everyday that really gets you going in the morning. This could be a song that reminds you of a certain memory, or a place. For me it's more about the beat and the general feeling of the song, which is why I listen to Let's Dance by David Bowie at least once a day. Honestly, that song can pull me out of even the worst of moods and acts like a miracle medicine. Sometimes, though, I may require a little more coaxing than usual to get into gear, which is where a motivational playlist comes in handy. Create a playlist of around 10 songs to listen to during your commute to get those motivational juices flowing - I recommend Motown and lots of it!

2. Block out the haters

This one is easier said than done, but I feel so much more motivated now I've started being the most positive person I can be. I've been influenced by negative attitudes before, from other people, as well as my own, but where does it get you? Nowhere! I've been praised, and critiqued in equal measures, for my 'don't-care' persona. You want to listen to a certain type of music? Go for it! Wear those boots that everyone seems to hate? Get those babies on your feet! Seriously, someone who wants to push you away from an idea that excites you is not worth listening to - be your own influencer.

3. Treat yourself

It seems like common sense to think that making a great achievement deserves a reward, but we're adults - there are no stickers after a dentist appointment for us anymore. For me, this 'reward' usually comes in the form of an item of clothing, or two. Introducing this dreamy star print midi skirt, a purchase made after getting through a particularly difficult weekend and making it out on the other side. I feel like I’m the front woman in a cool new rock band when wearing it, especially teamed with a baggy statement tee and my beloved Vivienne Westwood shoes to add a summer touch. This skirt can easily transfer from day to night, add a heeled boot and a sheer top and you’re ready to hit the tiles! However, the treat to yourself can be anything: a cheeky 5-minute snooze in the morning before work, an extra biscuit at the side of your coffee, even booking a last minute weekend away to look forward to. There's nothing selfish or materialistic about buying an item for yourself when you've achieved something - besides, any excuse to hit the shops is good enough for me

Forgive me if this post has seemed like the most cliché, mundane post to date, but here I am channeling point number 2. Already I feel much more positive after getting down to writing another blog post, and excited to get my head down for the next one. Until then, I'll be continuously listening to Bowie for a week.

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Skirt - Asos

Shoes - Vivienne Westwood

Earrings - Urban Outfitters

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