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One Year of Go Ask Ellice

Hi everyone!

What a special day it is - May 20th marks one full year of my blog. After spending years 'wishing' I could start a blog, I never imagined that I would be here a year later, still keeping up with (semi) regular posts. Thank you to everyone who has been reading my posts since the start, and hello to anyone who's not read before - where have you been? What better way to celebrate than to share a few of my favourite shoots from over the past year, I hope you like them too.

Here is where it all began, my first ever blog post, one year ago today on a very sunny day indeed. I remember sweating to death whilst taking these photographs, but I was so determined to set up a website, write a post AND get the photographs all in one day. With the help of my fabulous boyfriend / photographer / IT expert - we managed it! The response to this post was fantastic, feeling support from people who you've never even met is one of the best feelings ever.

These shots were used for my 'Designer Looks on a Budget' post. They were taken by my lovely, gorgeous friend Paris - a gal who I met through Instagram. Being an absolute Queen with her own Instagram and photographs, I knew that she would be able to help get the perfect shot. Also, this was the first time I ever wore this beautiful skirt, which is now damaged and risks exposing me every time I wear it - not good.

These photographs are from the first proper 'shoot' I ever did. I acquired help from a very talented workmate who is a God at photography and editing and made me look very bad-ass indeed. In this post, I spoke purely about my outfit, and how much of a rockstar it made me feel. Let's not move on from this shot without mentioning how great my hair was on this day, ice, ice, baby.

These shots are among the most creative I've ever done, I love love love the outfit and the way it contrasts with this huge, random yellow box we stumbled upon. This post about sustainability is also one of my favourites, due to the importance of the subject and how much it means to me.

Here is potentially one of the most iconic photographs I've featured on my blog, as well as the one with the best reaction. A huge thank you is due to Tyler McIlvaney photography for this shot. Also I would like to thank Dr Martens for asking to feature it on their social media, as well as maybe featuring it again some time soon (hint, hint!) I am also quite passionate about the post that these shots accompanied, it's always nerve-wracking writing personal posts, as opposed to purely fashion-based articles, but they always receive a good reponse from you lovely, supportive people!

And finally, my most recent blog post. I love these shots because I'm wearing the outfit that makes me feel mostly like myself. If I could dress this way everyday, you better believe that I will. I feel my most comfortable when I'm dressed like a 'mod dad', especially in my well-loved Dr Martens Church boots, which have certainly seen better days. I'll dedicate this last section to my boyfriend, Adam, for being the most supportive about my blog. Thanks for putting up with my mood swings when I think I look rubbish in the photographs and using your unnatural tallness to get those "high angles" - you're the best!

I hope you all liked the style of this anniversary post, it's been quite fun for me to look back over the last year and see my photography and writing style improve so much since this time last year. I definitely won't be slowing down any time soon, so expect a lot more great things to come.

Until then,

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