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My Views on Following Fashion

Hi there everyone!

I've been sat at my laptop for around a week now, staring at the draft of this post. I knew I had some amazing photographs to share with you, but wanted to come up with the perfect post to accompany them. It was only when I walked around a few of the high-street shops with a friend recently that it hit me, I have absolutely no idea what is 'on trend' anymore. Yes, you heard right, I am officially 'untrendy'. With that, I wanted to share exactly what that means to me, and if it is in fact such a big deal? Have a read below to find out.

First, before we begin, I must start by introducing the photographs from this shoot. One of my long-time Instagram friends Brodie is one of the most creative, inspiring photographers I have had the pleasure of knowing! Over lockdown she created a self-portrait series which interested me so much, and even inspired me to capture a few shots of myself which I featured in this post. During my recent trip down to London with my boyfriend, Brodie and I arranged a shoot on one of the days - which I was absolutely honoured to have been asked. In this post I will share some of the photographs from the shoot that we took, as well as share some more in a future post; keep your eyes peeled for that!

Now, back to the subject of my slow, but sure, decline into the world of the unfashionable. It wasn't until I found myself in H&M (somewhere I feel the opposite of 'at-home' in) and was welcomed by a plethora of purple, that I thought to myself "Oh, purple must be on-trend this season". This, I recalled, was perhaps the first time that I had even considered what may be in fashion in at least 12 months. Regardless of this fact, I have still managed to dress myself every morning, without using next month's issue of Vogue as a reference point.

This led me to question, why is it that we even need trends in the first place? As I touched upon in my previous post, blogging is heading in a different direction and encouraging your audience to rush out to the stores to replicate an outfit is not the top priority of the influencer of today. Of course, it is only my humble opinion, but you can absolutely be stylish and look amazing, without following the latest trends. To me, having style is about having an identity; religiously following trends that are in one month and out the next, is not the way to create an identity of your own.

You may be screaming at me, "well, I love purple, whether it is on trend or not!" - Great! Wear purple to your heart's content but please don't decide to go off of it again, just because the trends move on. Take it from someone who's whole wardrobe is mostly consisted of second-hand pieces, or those that may have been on trend at some point (probably somewhere in 1984), I have never felt more comfortable and happy with my style since I stopped caring about current season must-haves.

I absolutely did not want this post to come across as a lecture or a huge eye-roll, and if you find enjoyment in following season-to-season trends then I wholeheartedly encourage that! However, nothing makes me feel happier and more fulfilled then experimenting with my own style, and taking inspiration from the more covert places. Everyone should experience the feeling of finding, and exploring, your own style at some point, and if that means to step away from being 'fashionable' then please: just give it a go!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it useful, and I wanted to say a huge thank you to Brodie for creating the photos which I love so much.

Thank you for reading, and until next time,

Blazer - bought from a friend

Custom Corset - Cat O'Brien

Skirt - Blue Rinse Vintage

Boots - Dr Martens

Custom Bag - Elizabeth Ilsley

Necklace - Vicious Punx

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