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My Small Businesses Wishlist #2

Hi everyone,

First of all, an apology, it's taken me a long time to get the energy and the motivation to get back into blogging again, my inspiration has really been lacking lately due to no being able to shoot properly or work with a photographer. Because I don't want to completely leave my blog on the back burner, I decided to come up with another small businesses wishlist, since a lot of people seem to enjoy these - and they're actually one of my favourite types of post to do! If you haven't checked out my previous small businesses wishlist, you can click here to have a read... a lot of the brands featured in that one I have actually bought from now; writing about how much I love them is honestly just too tempting for me. Here are just a few more brands I've discovered fairly recently, that I would love to own, and to share with you.

Hopes Heroines

Hopes Heroines is a one-woman run brand, based in Staffordshire in the UK. I would say this is the brand that I discovered most recently, but the one I am probably most eager to add to my collection. On top of the bad-ass, strongly worded t-shirts, hoodies and prints, Hopes Heroines also offer custom designs on leather goods, such as Dr Martens, jackets and berets. Naturally, it is the painted berets I am most interested in, although it would take a lot of my willpower to not end up purchasing most of the items from the online store! I am always happy to see a brand that put out a clear message, and stand up for the things they believe in such a strong way - to me, Hopes Heroines has got that down to perfection.


Hell Flower

Hell Flower are another UK based independent brand, which specialise in sterling silver jewellery, vegan leather accessories and various lifestyle products, such as coffee mugs and tea towels. This brand is for anyone wanting to inject a little of your inner goth into your outfits, due to their wide range of chokers and other faux leather hardware. Personally, the selling point of the brand is not only the stunning selection of products they have to offer, but also the very affordable price range. For anyone wishing to experiment with accessorising, Hell Flower is a great place to start if you're not wanting to spend a lot on a style you're just dipping your toe into.


VE Cosmetics

This brand is for all of the alternative makeup lovers out there, VE Cosmetics are 100% certified vegan and cruelty-free and have such an expansive range of makeup, and general wellness, products. Considering that they are a brand I have only recently heard of, they seem to be very well established in the makeup community, gaining some amazing reviews. The product that catches my eye the most, are the liquid lipsticks - they really do seem to have every colour in the rainbow (and more!) As we all know, I love to experiment with makeup; many years ago I owned a beautiful olive green lipstick that I used to wear all of the time, and I've been on the hunt for something that matches up to that one I used to love. From browsing their range, it seems that the shade Zombicorn would be a very interesting and close match to the one I previously owned, and I would love to give that shade a try. Something else to note is that the way the website is laid out, with the lipstick shades organised by colour is the most aesthetically pleasing thing my eyes have ever seen...


Venus Acidalia

Another new brand on my radar is Venus Acidalia, which was recommended to me by a friend after she had purchased one of their berets. It's no secret that I am a huge fan of headwear, particularly berets, so naturally I knew I needed to check them out. Of course, the brand is amazing and has so many products which I fell in love with at first sight. As well as the embroidered and deliciously fringed-heart berets, Venus Acidalia also feature the sexiest and most fabulous fringed mesh gloves I have ever seen. A lot of the items are modelled so beautifully by the lovely brand owner herself, which personally I love and I think it gives the brand such a personal feel and reminds you why choosing to shop with a small business is so enjoyable and rewarding!


She'll Grow Out of It

Honestly, the best way I can even begin to describe the pieces from She'll Grow Out of It is wearable art. They offer the option of a custom jewellery piece, or regularly release small collections that are available to buy through their website. The sheer amount of thought and detail that goes into every piece is astounding, and I am absolutely obsessed with watching the 'making-of' videos that are often posted to their Instagram page. I love the idea of hopefully one day owning one of their custom rings, it would just take me forever to decide on how I would like the design as there's so many options you wouldn't even believe until you browse their page and see the crazy creations that have been produced in the past. Even if this type of jewellery doesn't entirely suit your tastes, I strongly urge you to check out their Instagram page to see how much work goes into the making of these products, it's unbelievable!


Real Hoxton

One of my go-to looks when going to see live music, is to wear a good (comfortable) pair of Levi's and a checked shirt. Over the years, I've built up a small collection of short sleeved button down shirts and I'm eager to add to that with some of the pieces from Real Hoxton. What I love the most about their shirts in particular, is that they feature patterns and colours that you don't personally find elsewhere on the market. Yes, they have the classic tartan print that you find with most other skinhead clothing brands, but there are also some quite unique pieces that really do catch my eye. My favourite piece available on the site at the moment, is the women's lilac and green checked shirt, it's so different to any other checked shirt I've seen before and one I would definitely be keen to purchase.


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