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My Small Businesses Wishlist

Hi everyone,

Following my recent post about my top 'tried and tested' independent and small businesses, I thought it would be a great idea to follow it up with those that I haven't tried yet - but definitely plan to! Here are just a small selection of the brands that have caught my eye recently, and I am always on the hunt searching for more.

Studio FCLX

Studio FCLX are a small business based in London that hand make unique, mouthwatering latex pieces. Since I delved more into the world of accessorising, I feel that there is a huge gap in my wardrobe for one of their latex belts, or a pair of suspenders. Not only is the product so desirable, the ethics of the brand cannot be beaten. All of the clothing items are gender fluid, and made to empower anyone who may wish to wear them. Add to this the fact the latex is biodegradable, sustainable, and sourced in the UK - ding, ding: we have a winner!


Rasha Swais

Based in Tottenham, Rasha Swais produces 60s and 70s inspired, made to order pieces in the most dreamy of fabrics. Anyone who, like myself, loves an exaggerated dagger-collar would swoon over ever single piece! Honestly, Rasha Swais is a brand I have told myself I will buy from for years now, yet still I have never made that commitment. With a new launch having happened at the start of this month, the willpower to resist spending is getting weaker and weaker... One day, my dream Rasha Swais button-down shirt will be mine.


Goggins Knitwear

Goggins Knitwear is a brand that has only come onto my radar very recently, and I am already obsessed. Beautifully made by the lovely Aly in Ireland, anyone looking for their perfect custom tank top need look no further. For such a reasonable price, you can choose almost any design or colour combination - and Goggins Knitwear have you covered! The amazing customer photographs and reviews speak for themselves, you are guaranteed to be impressed.


Tallulah's Threads

Tallulah's Threads are probably best known for their patterned smock dresses, however they sell a wide range of other clothing styles. I first heard about them from my friend Jess (@foxxtailz) who is a queen of colour, and a perfect advocate for this brand. As a huge lover of tartan, I love their bright colourful tartan prints, especially anything in pink or acid wash green! A dress like one from Tallulah's Threads seems like a staple in anyone's wardrobe, and is sure to inject a healthy bit of colour into your lives.


Dress Up For Mars

Another, hot-off-the-press brand are Dressed Up For Mars. With their first collection launching last week, there are definitely exciting things to come! With all of the amazing bespoke designs made to order, waste is kept to an absolute minimum, and you can made slight adjustments to the pieces to make them perfect for you. Adding a feminine, yet punk touch to every piece is a great way to add a bit of 'edge' to your style without feeling too far out of your comfort zone. There is such a variety in the first collection drop, from unisex t-shirts, to two-piece sets, and stunning patterned babydoll dresses; the brand has really started off with a bang!


Kill and Burn

Combining my love for the punk aesthetic, colour and knitwear is the brand Kill and Burn. Along with her super fun (and sometimes kinda cheeky) crochet earrings, the bespoke mohair jumpers are what I really have my eye on. For such an amazing price, you can determine the size and colour combination of your knitwear, in the most amazing mohair. As well as this, the chunky crochet socks make the perfect Christmas gift idea for those who are pledging to shop small this year!


Tatsiana Kaktus Illustration

Another great gift idea is a print - especially one illustrated by the amazing Tatsiana. On her Etsy shop there are so many fun and cute prints with a skinhead, punk and mod theme, perfect for anyone who is into the scene. Her illustrations never fail to make me smile, and I struggle to decide which one I would want to buy without buying all of them! Better yet, often Tatsiana is open to commissions so you can have your very own digitalised print of yourself or your loved ones in her instantly recognisable style. I definitely plan to commission a piece of myself and my boyfriend, as I think that would be adorable and good to keep forever!


There we have my small businesses 'wish-list' - which also doubles up as a handy Christmas gift guide for those who are stuck for ideas. Please check out all of the brands above and give them some love and support, as well as let me know of any small businesses you love and deserve some recognition too!

Thank you for reading, until next time,

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