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My 2021 Goals

Updated: Jan 15

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year to you!

Many of us will be happy to see the back of 2020, and with the new year always comes a time where we start to think about what we want from the new year, especially what we plan to achieve. Last year I posted about my 2020 goals, and discussed the fact that I don't agree with making a 'resolution' of something completely unachievable - but, instead, come up with a few smaller goals to actively work on and consider throughout the year. If you would like to find out how I did with my 2020 goals, you can also find a blog post on that here.

Similarly, for 2021 I have compiled a short list of things I would like to work on this year, and what better way to ensure that I stick to them, than sharing it with the internet and the people who read my blog? (Hold me accountable, please!)

#1 - Pole dance and Flexibility

At my studio, everyone who attends sets themselves certain goals, for example a move they want to have nailed by the end of the year. As well as my pole specific goals that I put together, I also intend on working on my flexibility. When I initially began pole dancing I said to myself "I don't care that I'm not flexible I'll just do the best I can without being bendy" - but a year and a half of videoing and photographing my progress I've come to learn that everything will look a lot more badass with a bit of added flexibility. I've decided to begin taking flexibility classes alongside pole, with a particular focus on doing the splits, which is my dream goal to have reached by this time next year! As I mentioned in my 2020 goals revisited post, I'm still yet to get booked in for a pole photoshoot, so that is also something I want to make sure I have done for this year. I have also just created a separate Instagram account to track my progress, instead of posting this on my main account. You can find my pole account: @gopoleellice.

#2 - Move out of my family home

Although I said this is a list of 'small goals' to work towards, I needed to mention moving out of my family home, as it's something I intend on happening this year. As someone who didn't go to university, I am yet to experience living away from home, and I know that this year the time is just right. Living together with my boyfriend will be a strange, but welcome, change, and being closer to work (perhaps even walking distance!) will literally be the best feeling in the world, and I'm definitely ready for it to happen in 2021.

#3 - Expand my reading repertoire

A lot of people who know me, will know that one of my main hobbies is reading. Since I was young, I've mostly always had a book on the go and prefer reading to watching television or movies. Because I have read so many books, I often get confused and forget which books I have read and end up purchasing them again, only to get a chapter in and begin to find it familiar. This year, I have decided to track the books that I read using the app: Goodreads. I decided to begin tracking my books at the start of the year, so I also have a way to see how many books a year I read (just because I find that kind of thing interesting). The app also has a 'want to read' feature, so I can note down any book suggestions I am given, and don't risk forgetting what they are! I find that the genres of book that I stick to are mostly crime, thriller, horror related; however I really want to expand on these categories this year and branch out to a wider range, as well as try more newly released books to review on the very neglected 'Books' tab of this blog.

#4 - Have a sociable year

As everyone is well aware, social events and meeting up with friends was close to non-existent in the year 2020. Although this year hasn't gone off to the best start, I remain hopeful that things will start looking up soon and I definitely plan to make the most of it! Since beginning to take Instagram more seriously and working on my personal brand, I have met so many wonderful, like-minded friends online (from all across the world!) that I would never have met otherwise. To me, that is the main reason why I love social media so much and the expanded friendship group that it has created for me. The only downside of this, is that a lot of the friends I speak to regularly I am still yet to even meet. Once the world regains a bit of normality - hopefully soon - I plan on meeting up with a lot more of my lovely friends I have met through Instagram and just have a really great time.

There we have my four goals I plan on working towards this year; nothing too drastic as I don't want to set myself up for failure after the shocking year we all had last year! I'd love to hear what your resolutions are (if any) - do let me know...

As with last year, I plan on remaining as consistent as possible with my blog and I'm aiming for another year of at least 30 blog posts, so expect to hear a lot from me.

Until then,

Hat - Underground England

Jumper - Fred Perry

Jeans - Levi's

Jacket - Depop (originally River Island)

Boots - Fred Perry x George Cox Footwear

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