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March Favourites

Hi everyone!

The time has come again for a new blog post and I thought I would take the time to talk about the things I have been absolutely living for in the month of March. This post has been in my drafts for quite a while now, so apologies for the fact it is now well into April but there are still lots and lots to talk about! So let's get on with it, here are the things I've been loving in the month of March.


I go through phases of reading religiously, at any given moment, only to fall out of love with books and go months without picking up a book. However, March was not one of those months and I have completed a total of 4 books. I have also set up a new Highlight on Instagram where I will post the monthly books I plan on completing for that month, for all of you keen readers. The books I completed in March were: The Woman in the Window - A.J.Finn; If I Die Before I Wake - Emily Koch; The House Swap - Rebecca Fleet; and Miracle Cure - Harlan Coben. Surprisingly, I would recommend all of the books on this list! Harlan Coben is a new author on my radar and I'm so excited to get my hands on a few more of his collection.


This is certainly not something I thought I would be banging on about, by any stretch of imagination. I have actually found a love for exercise, finally! I've always been a fan of running (when I can actually drag myself out of bed) but I've discovered a new, fun way of working out - pole dancing. For years I've always wanted to give it ago, I admire the strength and talent of those who have trained for a long time, however it's only at this point in my life I've felt confident enough to make that step. I'm taking lessons at Aerial Empire in Leeds (@aerialempireleeds on Instagram) and although I am a mere beginner, I love it and can't wait to be spinning around gracefully and with ease - we're a long way from that point yet!

Line of Duty:

This is an exciting one! If you know - you know. Series 5 is upon us and from the very first episode I am already hooked, shaking like an addict waiting for the next week. As well as the newness, I also decided to start the series again right from the start to remind myself just how gripping this breathtaking drama is. For anyone who may not have seen it, get yourselves on Netflix and binge, binge, binge!

Fred Perry x Bella Freud:

Finally, and most importantly, the goods I obtained from my bi-annual trip into Manchester to the Fred Perry store. If you do get the chance to make the trip, always go to the store rather than buying online, we need to keep our retail businesses going and not to mention receive the fabulous customer service that is always on offer. When the time comes round again every year that the new collections are released, I am straight on it planning what I'll buy and how I will style it. The collection I am most thankful for will always be with the fashion legend that is Bella Freud. I'm fortunate enough to own a couple of Bella's jumpers from her own store, however, their price point is more than a bit high which is why the Fred Perry collaborations are a breath of fresh air. This beautiful aquamarine jumper was always going to come home with me, as well as the cute red and white striped polo I paired it with. I may have made another cheeky purchase too, but you might have to wait patiently until that is shared!

There we have it, the four things that have made March a very enjoyable month indeed. I know that I don't post on here half as much as I should do, but I have decided that monthly roundups are the best way to keep posting, as well as updating you all on what an exciting life I lead. Obviously, I plan on posting much, much more than just once a month but let's go one step at a time, shall we?

Thank you for reading and I'll be back with a catch up again soon.

Polo - Fred Perry x Bella Freud

Jumper - Fred Perry x Bella Freud

Trousers - & Other Stories

Loafers - GH Bass

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