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Makeup Tutorial #3

Hi everyone,

I've been asked a couple of times over on Instagram to do more makeup tutorials, of certain looks that I post over there. In the past, I have done time lapse 'tutorials' and posted them on my feed, but I actually much prefer the good old fashioned way of a pictorial within a blog post. I feel like I can explain a little more in writing exact what I am doing, and if I'm being honest this way is just a lot easier and less hassle for me too.

You may actually be wondering why this tutorial is named '#3', yet some of you who have been reading my blog posts for a while (thank you!) will know that actually around a year ago I posted my first ever makeup related content here on Go Ask Ellice. The looks I featured back then aren't really true to the way I'm doing my makeup nowadays, so I thought it was worth giving you a bit of an updated look. This eyeshadow looks is something that I tend to go for regularly when I want a - relatively - easy look, that still has high impact and packs a punch. I also find that it works with most colours and still looks just as good, however, I sway towards using purple the most, simply because I absolutely love the purples in the Unicorn Cosmetics Wicked palette.

First off, I always start with some kind of eyeshadow primer. My favourite one to use is the Urban Decay Priming Potion, which I just dab on gently with my ring finger until is is all dispersed evenly over the lid. Leave it just a minute or two to set.

Take a small, flat and dense brush and use the deepest shade of the main colour you would like to use - in this case I took Angel to create the shape on the left. Although the shape is quite specific, you really don't need to worry about it looking particularly neat, just make sure the shadow is packed on evenly and the colour is nice and deep.

To blur out the edges, I took a slightly fluffier brush and dipped into the shade Wicked, which is lighter and a bit more bright in colour. In the inner thirds of the lid, I used small circular motions right on the edge of the initial shadow shape, just to buff it out slightly. Once you come to the 'tail' of the outer-third, use flicking motions towards the hairline. This part may take a bit of patience as you want to go in with small amounts at a time, and keep on building up colour where you need it.

This step is an optional one, and falls down to personal taste. I like to take a really fluffy brush and a bone shade, in this case Omen and just buff the edges even more to lighten them, and make it look a lot more nicely blended. Like I said, if you are happy with the blending after the previous step, feel free to skip this one.

Next, you can take any kind of flat brush with your metallic colour. Shiny silver shadow is my favourite, so that is always my top choice. There's no need for a cut crease if you try and be precise with your application, a thin layer of shadow is fine, just enough to add a base for the next product.

The star of this look, and probably my favourite makeup purchase of 2020, is the KVD Vegan Beauty Dazzle Stick. I've talked about this product a lot over on my Instagram, but I really can't get over how much the shimmer catches the light (photographs don't even do this thing justice) as well as how easy it is to apply. I just simply swipe the product over my lid, and have the option to use a brush for the finer areas and to neaten the line a little.

Time to darken up the look! On a small, fluffy brush I took the black shade in the palette, Reaper, on the outer edge of my lid, as a way to blend the silver we just applied. Again, using outward 'flicking' motions towards the hairline I made sure that the black followed the same shape we initially created, into an exaggerated wing. You may find you need to go back and forth with the black and the bright purple, just to make sure it is all blended nicely. Bring a small amount of black shadow down onto your lower lash line also.

Using the lightest shimmer shade in the palette, Summon, I added a small amount in the inner corner, just to highlight it and make the eye appear a little bit brighter and more open. Option to add a little bit of this same shade just underneath the brown bone too, if you fancy it.

Finally, add some drama to your lashes. Currently, I am using the KVD Vegan Beauty Go Big or Go Home mascara, but you can use your favourite mascara, the one that give you the most volume and drama.

There we have it, my most go-to makeup look at the moment, step by step. This look really does work with any sort of shadow colour too, so if you fancy giving it a go, but purple isn't your thing, try a different colour! If you do follow this pictorial, please do send the look to me, or tag me (@goaskellice) I'd love to see them.

Until then,

Products used:

Eyeshadow - Unicorn Cosmetics Wicked Palette

KVD Dazzle Stick (Shade Thundercloud)

Mascara - KVD Vegan Beauty Go Big or Go Home

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