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After what feels like the world's longest, coldest winter I've noticed something unfamiliar when I look outside of the window. What's that? Blue skies! Yes, it really does seem that there might be some pleasant weather on it's way to us in the not so distant future. With Spring-time comes the feeling of contentment, and all round 'good vibes' filling the air. Longer days, sun kissed skin and evenings spent in the beer garden are looming. However, as someone who lives in knitwear, the Summer months also bring with them an uncertainty of what the heck I am going to wear!

Year after year, I live with the constant struggle of trying to look good and feel comfortable, without boiling to death in the summer heat. Put me in a turtleneck and beret, over a vest and shorts any day of the week! Yet this year, I plan on giving this a huge overhaul, and really find my feet with summer fashion.

To kick start my journey to outside of my comfort zone, I put together this Spring to Summer transitional outfit. Wearing my favourite brand head-to-toe is a perfect solution to still feeling like myself, whilst embracing the warmer weather. This knitted polo, from the latest Fred Perry collaboration with Japanese designer Akane Utsunomiya, is one of the most exciting pieces I've laid eyes on so far this year. The styling opportunities with this piece are literally endless, and I know I will be reaching for it again and again.

I teamed up with my pal (and incredibly talented photographer) Kwame, to produce these shots. Kwame and I have worked together previously - see here - and I couldn't wait for us to create something new. Working with a photographer such as Kwame leaves me feeling inspired and confident, as well as excited to create more and more content.

I'm going to keep it short and sweet with this post, as I have a lot of photographs to share and wanted to make them the focal point. I love the hue of the photographs, and the outdoor setting - I really hope you do too!

Thanks for reading, until next time....

Track jacket - Fred Perry (similar)

Polo - Fred Perry x Akane Utsunomiya

Skirt - Fred Perry (similar)

Boots - Dr Martens

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