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Life as a "Twenty-Something"

Welcome back everyone,

Picture the scene, you receive a text from one of your best pals: they're expecting a baby. If you're caught between two responses - "Congratulations!" or "Oh no!" - welcome to your 20's. The crazy whirlwind of a decade that seems to last forever, yet we are told to make the most of because it's over in the blink of an eye...

Some of you will know that recently, I had a birthday and can officially no longer describe myself as being in my "early-twenties". I am a "twenty-something". Coming to terms with this fact has finally sank in, and I wanted to share a few thoughts and feelings about life at the grand age of 24.

Being in your 20's makes you realise just how differently life could be going for you, simply by looking at other people around you. As a "twenty-something", I have friends who are students, friends who have graduated and working on their careers, married friends, single friends, home-owner friends, and friends who are yet to leave their family home. And, yes you guessed it, they are all "twenty-somethings" too. We can easily fall into the toxic habit that we all have of comparing ourselves to others, but where would that get us in terms of our own lives? Nowhere!

This topic of conversation springs up often in my group of friends, we are forever comparing where we are in our lives, to other people's lives when they couldn't be more different than chalk and cheese. Being married at the age of 25 may be someone's ultimate dream, yet another person of the same age couldn't be any further away from wanting that. In the age of social media, and sharing all of our achievements to the world, it's so easy to wonder why some people 'have it all' while others are just trying to get by.

I've had this talk with myself countless times, and it needs to stop! I feel as though I have finally realised that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be; I've vowed to myself to slow down, appreciate what I have, and move forward at my own pace. It's time to start taking the advice of our elders and enjoy being young and having fun.

This brings me onto the self-shoot I tried out to accompany this post - it's all about having fun. I took a little break from social media this week, the creativity bug just didn't have a hold of me and I wasn't feeling myself. However, I reminded myself the reason we have social media platforms is not to feel pressure to post, but to share what we want and when we want - to have fun with it. Over the lockdown period, many photographers, bloggers and influencers alike headed out to their garden (duvet covers in hand) and got creative with their content. Forever late to the party, I decided to give it a try myself, creating this super cool 80's punk inspired look.

Unfortunately, as confident with my own style as I am, I probably won't be rushing out to wear this makeup look out in public any time soon - although I wish I had the balls to! Again, it's all just a bit of fun and a great way to remind myself not to take life too seriously and you certainly shouldn't too.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and my self-shoot. Until next time,

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