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June Diaries

Hello everyone,

I'm here again with a slightly early June Diary; the reason being that I am back to work on Tuesday! Obviously, I have mixed feelings about returning, but for the most part I am eager to get back. Another reason I wanted to publish a new post was to show off these shots that were taken by Leeds photographer - Alex Ivory (I know - an actual real life shoot, finally!)

Once the lockdown restrictions were lifted slightly, one of the first things I wanted to do was get out exploring the city and shooting again. These photographs are also some of the last memories I have of my beloved pink buzzcut, which had to go this week ready for work again... For years, I have been longing for pink hair and never had the chance, so I'm glad that in this time I have had at home I finally had the chance to make that a reality. The next time I have off work for a couple of weeks - bright green I am coming for you!

This month has been a tough one for so many people, battling with the impact of a pandemic, as well as the BLM movement which has taken the whole world. Admittedly, for myself this has absolutely been an overwhelming time. Many people take a little while longer to take in information, and process what they are hearing, than others. For myself I took a couple of days to step away from the loudness of social media, and when I returned I was willing to learn. Absolutely no one should have to experience racism, or indeed any form of inequality, and the fact that this is still very much an issue in 2020 is deeply concerning. I have always been non-judgemental, I have always been accepting of people from all walks of life - but now I know that is not enough. Simply by "not being racist" doesn't cut it, I, and many others, can do so much more and this is the start of true change.

As mentioned, I am back to work on Tuesday and definitely ready for it! My heart goes out to the many, many people across the country who's jobs have been effected due to the pandemic - and I'm so thankful that I can return to a job that I love. I would by lying if I said that I haven't enjoyed my time off, for the most part. At first, back in March, it took a while to get used to my lifestyle and routine being stripped away. Having a regular routine, as well as my pole dancing classes, date nights and drinks with friends was really what kept me sane. Suddenly, that was all taken away and it took some adapting to, as I'm sure was the case with so many others.

When I finally got into the swing of things, a few weeks into lockdown, I really started to enjoy finding ways to spend my time. One of my personal goals was to develop on my makeup skills, and with all of this free time has proven so so valuable. Under normal circumstances, I would not have an unlimited amount of time to create a makeup look - so I have been taking advantage of this fact almost daily. I have created some of my favourite makeup looks ever during this time, and I plan to keep on practicing and developing my skills even once I go back to regular work again.

Instagram has become a huge hobby of mine during this time, I love the community of friends I've gained through the platform. I know people have a hugely love/hate relationship with social media in general, but I could talk all day about all of the lovely, beautiful friends I have met (and am yet to meet) through Instagram. Without a way to stay connected to everyone over the past few months, I don't know how I would have coped! I've created lots of content that I have been proud of on there, and at this time I am only 20 followers away from my 'back to work' target following of 2,500. I never, ever imagined even 100 people caring about that I put out there, so the fact the number of people who follow me, on Instagram and over here on my blog is just overwhelming.

Posting regularly will become a little more difficult once I am back to full time work, but I am determined to keep trying hard with it and maintaining a platform I am proud of. Outfit photographs, styling series, sit down videos and makeup tutorials are still going to be a big part of what I share - and I'm always open to hearing about what you want to see from me.

I hope you all love these photographs as much as myself, somehow Alex has an exceptional way of making me look much cooler than I actually am. Initially, I was worrying about the brief of "minimal makeup" I was given, because as most of you know that definitely is not me, but stepping out of my comfort zone is something that needs to happen every now and again; and I'm over the moon with the results!

Thank you to everyone reading, I hope to be back with another blog post very soon. Until then,

Trench coat - old Topshop

T Shirt - Old Zara

Track pants - Fred Perry x Bella Freud

Boots - Dr Martens

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