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Double denim - but not as we know it

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Hello everyone,

It’s been so so long since I sat down and really thought about writing a blog post, and I apologise. However, I put together this amazing outfit and just knew that I had to make a post devoted to it. Now, most of the time I buy and wear whatever I like, I’m aware of current trends but I don’t make a conscious effort to follow them religiously. Saying that, this look combines three of the top trends for AW 18 without even trying! An outfit that nails the trends for this season that still makes me feel like myself? I’m in. Without wanting to ramble too much, let’s get down to what makes this outfit quite so special...

First, let’s talk about the boots. You’ve seen them a million and one times, but they’re not going anywhere! I swear these Topshop beauties are in it for the long run, which is a given as they have actually moulded to the shape of my feet after being worn so many times. Western style is still going to be big going into the new season and I feel that these cowboy boots are a subtle way of incorporating this into your wardrobe, without feeling like you’re heading straight to a fancy dress party. They are snug fitting to the ankle, which is essential for a pair of boots of this length and also makes them perfect to be work with jeans and ankle grazers.

This leads me nicely to the next component - the jeans! Animal print, especially snake, is everywhere at the minute and with so many variations all across the high street, it’s hard to know where to start. As you all know, I am about as subtle as an elephant in a tea shop, and, the bolder - the better. Introducing, these all over snake print skinny jeans! Usually, the words ‘skinny’ and ‘jeans’ are two that do not go together in my vocabulary. With this in mind, I decided to be brave and try them on in the store, resulting in a lot of pulling and squeezing and sweating. Deciding that my usual size was restricting my blood flow, I sized up, and there we had the ideal fit that I was hoping for. They have a ‘chic-yet-rockstar’ feel about them and will certainly turn heads for all the right (I hope) reasons. Note to self when purchasing jeans in the future: ask yourself ‘would Rod Stewart wear them?’ Yes? Get them in your basket, girl!

At this time of year I’m sure this is an issue that almost everyone suffers from: finding the perfect turtleneck. Maybe I am just excessive, but if I was to put together every single black turtleneck I own, I could probably open up my own store selling only that. Still, I have never found the perfect jumper, the best quality for the most reasonable price, until now! Since purchasing this Uniqlo roll neck I have been incorporating it into every outfit, just for an excuse to wear it. Nothing makes me feel more myself than a black turtleneck jumper, and the versatility is something to be admired. The fine knit wool is such amazing quality, soft and not too thick so it can be used as a layering piece, yet warm enough to wear alone in this transitional period. I can not recommend Uniqlo enough if, like me, you have struggled with the black turtleneck hunt for so long. With trousers as busy as these, a classic and minimalistic top half is more than adequate.

As well as all this, the incredible jacket is what really does the talking. Since I laid eyes on the denim trench coat released by Alexa Chung for her fashion label (priced at a whopping £625!) I knew I needed to own something similar, with more of a modest price tag. When I was shopping I wandered into the Levi’s store in Leeds, on the hunt for a new pair of jeans when the unexpected happened - I laid eyes on my coat of dreams. Without even a second thought I tried it on in the mirror and before I knew it, it was bagged up and on the way home with me. Ever since, I’ve been dying to get the perfect photograph to reveal to you this coat in all its beauty. Denim is such a big trend for the upcoming seasons, and I’m always trying to find unconventional ways to work that into my own wardrobe. The distressed hem and the oversized style of this coat gives it a laid back vibe, but tightening the belt around the waist gives off a chic feel for when you’re wanting to look a little more put-together.

I’ve been so excited to reveal this look to you all, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and I will be back soon with another post!

Until then,

Jacket - Levi's

Jumper - Uniqlo

Jeans - Zara

Belt bag - Urban Outfitters (similar)

Shoes - Topshop

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