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Blood Orange and The Flat Share

Hi everyone,

A lot of us are getting through so many books lately, and if you're anything like me, you'll be constantly asking for recommendations to get through the days. I decided to review both of these books together, because I would personally recommend the both of them! It took me a total of 4 days to complete them both, as I found I couldn't really put them down, even though they are not necessarily the usual genre I would reach for.

First up, there's Blood Orange by Harriet Tyce. This story follows successful defense lawyer, Alison. She's just been given her first murder case to work on, and the support and approval of her superior, Patrick. Her social life is thriving, and her husband is getting his career back on track after a redundancy - but things aren't as they seem at face value. Strung along in a mentally and physically toxic affair, Alison turns to alcohol to soothe the pain of her relationships, leading to blackouts and forgetfulness. Her husband, and family life seem to be the only safe, stable factor she can rely on - or can she?

Generally, I enjoyed this book. Readers have likened it to Paula Hawkins' Girl on the Train and I think I have to agree, the ongoing theme of alcohol and memory lapses are present in both books. Another similarity is how easily you can put yourself in the lead character's shoes, you really feel what she is going through - so I would certainly recommend Blood Orange to anyone who enjoyed Girl on the Train.

What I liked

The story is straightforward, and mostly doesn't seem too "far-fetched".

Difficult to put down, I managed to finish the whole thing in just one day.

Some twists and turns throughout the story, some of which you don't expect.

Emotional; this book certainly makes you feel, and question what you would do in certain situations, as well as who is right and who is wrong.

What I didn't like

A somewhat rushed ending, I had to read over the final few pages twice to make sure I didn't miss anything because I was a little confused towards the end.

I found it difficult to actually connect with any of the characters, obviously we see things through the lead character (Alison's) eyes, however I personally do not view her as a 'likeable' character.

A slight lack of description, I found it difficult to picture the characters in my head. I know that many authors may do this to leave it up to the reader to form their own imagery of characters, however, for someone who struggles with their imagination (like myself) I feel it would be helpful to add some simple character description of lead characters. Obviously, I am aware that this is a minor fault, and may not effect most people who choose to read the book themselves.

Overall rating: 7/10

Would I recommend?: Yes

Next up, I dived into The Flat Share by Beth O'Leary. This book follows the story of two "strapped-for-cash" Londoners, Leon and Tiffy. The plan is simple: Leon, a hospice nurse, occupies the flat through the daytime, spending his evenings at work and weekends with his girlfriend. Tiffy, an assistant editor, has free reign of the flat every evening and weekends, meaning the two will never meet. One flat, one bed - it seems simple, right? Wrong. Throw a crazed ex-boyfriend and a wrongly imprisoned brother into the mix, and problems begin to arise.

The Flat Share was definitely a curve-ball for me. My usual genre is the more thriller/horror realm, so when I was recommended this "Will they, won't they?" comedy romance, I was a little skeptical. However, I am so glad I gave it a chance! Again, I got through this book in no time at all, finishing it in only three days - and enjoyed every single second of it. The book remains light-hearted and "feel-good" throughout, yet touches upon the effects of psychological abuse and how this impacts the makings of relationships. Definitely one to recommend to those who want to embark on an emotional roller coaster, with a smile on their face as they close the book on the final page.

What I liked

Differentiates between the main characters every chapter - both characters have a different writing style, which means there's never a confusion between who you are reading about at the time.

The characters are relatable, and likable, you just want the best for them.

Lots of laugh-out-loud moments!

Touches upon serious subject matters, without taking away from the overall positive, feel-good element of the story.

A very easy read, would appeal to anyone, regardless of your preferred genre.

What I didn't like

Really not that much - I found this book very enjoyable throughout.

Overall rating: 9/10

Would I recommend?: Yes

Thanks for giving this a read, I hope this has provided enough inspiration to try out something new.

Until next time,

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