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April Diaries

Hello everyone!

Today's blog post is a little different to what I usually post on here, in that there is not any new 'content' included in it. I decided to just take a few posts from over on my Instagram, as well as other things I have been up to in the past month and talk about them more in-depth. Obviously, with the 'stay at home' orders that have been issued across the world, going out to shoot is out of the question, so here is what I have been up to instead...

First off, I have been working a lot on improving my makeup skills. This was one of my goals I set myself at the beginning of the year, and in a way I am thankful of this extra time I have to really work on this. Having the time to spend at least 2 hours on my makeup is not common when I am working, so I have really been trying to get as creative as I possibly can. I would even go as far as to say that it has been a good creative outlet for me, when I have been feeling trapped and bored inside the house. I have always said that I am not a creative person (I can't draw well, and I'm completely tone deaf!) so it has been really rewarding to see my skills improve and to be happy with the looks I have come up with. Here are some looks taken from my Instagram that I am really happy with:

Obviously, I know I have a long way to go in terms of skills I can learn, but I'm just really enjoying feeling creative and being happy with what I produce. My next goal is to develop my skills on other people, rather than just creating looks on myself - so any willing volunteers, please step forward!

Next up, I think I speak for everyone when I say: my online ordering has become out of control! It seems like every day there is a knock on the door with a new delivery. But seriously, what else is there to do other than scroll and scroll? Although I am ordering a lot more than normal, I am still trying to remain mindful about my purchases. Everything I have ordered has been from trusted brands that I know and love, or from second-hand selling sites. This way I feel less guilty about my spending, and I know that I will wear and love these pieces forever.

As well as clothing, I have also been ordering a lot of books. I have always been a keen reader, however, with all of this free time I hardly ever have my head out of a book. I feel like books are a great way to spend my money, as I get hours and hours of entertainment from them and keep them forever to revisit in years to come. Stephen King has been the main contender in the books that I have been reading recently, because surprisingly I had never read any of them before this month! Shameful, I know. IT is my current project at the moment, amounting to a whopping 1065 pages, but I'm doing my best to work through it. I really chose Stephen King to focus on, because I have never been truly scared by a book before. I've laughed, cried, and even felt exhilarated to the point of breathlessness in the past from books - but I have never felt fear. I wanted to see if King's novels could have that effect on me, and I must say, I do feel a little bit afraid of reading just before I fall asleep...

Finally, and definitely the most nerve-wracking yet exciting update: I filmed my first ever chatty video for IGTV! In the video I nervously stumbled through all of the purchases I have made so far during the lockdown period with a healthy portion of "ermm" thrown in for good measure. I am by no means an expert in film and technology, and definitely not a public speaker, so I did hold my breath whilst the video was uploading to my IGTV profile. However, the response from everyone was amazing! I was blown away by the encouraging and wonderful messages, I never expected a response like it. I do plan on filming a Part 2 when the rest of my online orders arrive, so hopefully I get into the swing of things a lot more. I'd love to hear your suggestions of what else you would like to see over on my channel, as my makeup tutorial videos have been doing well too, which is amazing because I just love putting them together.

As a final thought, I wanted to say that as much as these times have been challenging and frustrating for all of us, I think most of us can say that we have needed the time to sit back and really work on ourselves and what we love. I have loved feeling like blogging is my full-time job (a girl can dream, okay?) and it is going to feel very strange going back to content creating for only maybe once or twice a week. So, really what I wanted to finish on was to say: use this time as wisely as you can, whether that's learning a new skill ,or developing one you already have - to spending the whole entire day in bed eating Pringles because let's face it, we all need one of those days every once in a while.

That said, I can not wait to get back to normal, having human interaction every day again, spending time with my boyfriend and my friends, as well as getting back to my all-time most favourite hobby, pole dancing (and the pub!)

Thanks for reading this, I hope you enjoyed this style of post. In the month of May my blog turns 2 (time flies!) so there will be a special post up then to celebrate that too. Until then, stay safe everyone,

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