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Answering your Questions and Assumptions

Hello everyone,

A couple of weeks ago I asked people to send in some questions and assumptions about me, so that I could answer them in a blog post. To accompany them, I want to share with you the photographs from my FaceTime photo shoot with my lovely friend Holly who I have teamed up with before. I love the way that they turned out, and they show an insight into the future - trying to make face masks a part of our everyday outfits. Without rambling on too much, let's get into answering some of your questions:


Where would be your dream place to live in the world?

This answer may come as the most boring ever, but I actually love living in the UK! The north of England is always where my head will be... That being said, I have never actually visited the country before but Norway has always been an interesting place to me. From what I have read, and heard, about Norway it seems like the most perfect place to live - and apparently the residents are the happiest people in the world, so that would definitely be a contender too.

If you could have a pint with anyone dead or not, who would it be?

Easy - Amy Winehouse! This probably comes as a shock to absolutely no one, but yeah I am a huge Amy Winehouse fan and seeing footage of how she was as a person definitely makes me want to go out for a few pints with her (probably would be a messy night). If I was to choose someone who is alive I think it would have to be Noel Fielding, I know that I'd just be in hysterics at everything he says and I'd love to have the time to find out what goes on inside his mind.


When and why did you develop an interest in subcultures and their styles? And Fred Perry?

It's hard to pin-point a specific moment when I became interested in subcultures, but I definitely think it was an interest that was always there but has just gotten stronger and stronger over some years. For me it's mostly been related to the music that I have listened to, and the interest comes along with that. I find it fascinating and admirable that an individual can feel so strongly about what they love, and what they believe in, to portray themselves to the whole world as a certain subculture. I also love the sense of togetherness that has been felt by followers of certain subcultures over the years, and how that has allowed so many people to come together in unity. My interest probably began in my early teenage years, when my parents would play music in the car from certain subcultures, Mod; Punk; Ska, etc and seeing how the fans of this music all dressed in their own way was just so endearing to me.

As for Fred Perry, they have always been a brand that I have been aware of (my Dad being a big wearer himself) but I think, again, this was also music related. Seeing certain musicians that I loved wearing Fred Perry just really made the brand desirable to me (my first polo being from the No Doubt collaboration), and after discovering them as a brand there literally was no going back for me. After years of being a huge fan, they still manage to excite me with new collections and collaborations.

Why are you such a good egg?

I just am! :)


What is your skincare routine?

I have always been convinced I don't really have a 'routine', as I see a lot of people who take skincare very seriously and use 100 products on certain days of the week. I have always been blessed and lucky to never have had troublesome skin, however I do use certain products and stick to those. Recently I made the change from using single use makeup wipes, to using Soap & Glory cleansing balms along with reusable makeup removal pads. I follow this up with Simple micellar water to remove any of the stubborn makeup I may have missed. Before bed time I use the Body Shop Drops of Youth range in this order: Essence Lotion, Concentrate, Bouncy Sleep Mask. In the shower I use Simple face wash and afterwards either the Body Shop Aloe Vera night cream (I prefer this thicker formula to the day cream) or the Simple light moisturize with SPF 15 if it is a sunnier day. I hope this makes sense, I don't have the most complex routine ever, but these are my go-to favourite products!

Assumption: You love to be bold and different

I think I would have to agree with this assumption. I do like dressing in a certain way, and doing my makeup in a certain way - which I'm sure not everyone would describe as the 'norm'. However, as much as I do enjoy this, sometimes it has its downsides as I get really uncomfortable with receiving unwanted attention so sometimes I don't love being bold and different, but for the most part I would say absolutely yes.


Assumption: You seem badass but you have a huge heart and sensitive soul

You may have to ask the people who know me this question, they may not agree haha! In my honest opinion, I think I would like to say I'm a badass, but yes my star sign is Cancer so I absolutely have an emotional sensitive side... There are lots and lots of things that don't phase me or upset me, but like anyone I guess I have my moments. In terms of having a huge heart, I would say yes my heart is full - I always want to do what I can for those around me who I care for, I love being a care giver to people who are important to me. Just to add to this, animals also have a huge place in my heart too!


Assumption: you like the Specials more than Madness

Absolutely true! I love both bands, and if I'm at a social event and Madness are played, you'd better believe I'll be the first one up to the dancefloor. However, yes the Specials are up there with being one of my favourite bands of all time, and in terms of just casually listening to them at home, etc, I would always opt to listen to the Specials.

So that wraps up this blog post, I loved answering your questions and hearing you assumptions - I hope you do too. Thank you to Holly for the photographs too! Until next time,

Photographs followed by a * taken by Holly

Custom Corset - Cat O'Brien

Jeans - Levi's

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