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Accessorising: where am I now?

Hi everyone,

How are you all doing? I feel like it's been a while... again. I say this every single time, it seems, I'm just really finding it hard to post regularly and consistently on here. So if you're still here, and have been for some time, then thank you for sticking around!

Anyway, enough of the rambling, I'll get on with what I actually want to talk about - and that is accessorising. Almost a year ago, I wrote a Beginners Guide to Accessorising post, talking about my entry into the world of accessories. Since then, I would class myself as being in the more 'Intermediate' level when it comes to added outfit extras. I'm going to share an updated guide to accessorising, as well as a few tips and tricks to add some interest to every outfit.

First, the most significant change I have made has been introducing scarfs into my life. To some, this may not exactly be anything life changing, but believe it or not, up until very recently I had only ever owned one scarf, and that was a woollen scarf purely for the purpose of keeping me warm in the winter time. I would never have thought that a scarf could be used for aesthetic reasons, and to really elevate the look of an outfit. That was, until I saw the stunning design of the Cherub Scarf by one of my favourite small business fashion brands: Dressed Up For Mars. Although I had little-to-no experience with a scarf like this, I knew I had to buy it and first started to tie it around my neck, which I love, then eventually moved onto also wearing it as a headscarf.

Since, here in the UK, we are still in the middle of our third national lockdown, appointments with the hairdresser is obviously not a luxury that any of us have at the moment. Because of this, I have decided that maybe now is the time to experiment with hair growth, and to try and grow out my buzzcut. Anyone who has experience with this will know the struggles of the 'in-between' stage, where your hair just does what it likes, without having any sort of specific style.... nightmare. Since wearing my DUFM Cherub scarf as a headscarf, I discovered that is the perfect way to hide my 'lockdown hair' away from the world, and to add a badass finishing touch to your look. My collection is slowly growing, with the addition of my most recent slime green tie dye scarf from the lovely Izzy Harrison.

Another way I have been accessorising is by adding even more jewellery to my outfits, particularly neck wear. I love adding my chunky silver padlock necklace to any look, but recently I also decided to delve into the world of chokers. As much as I have always loved and admired chokers, I have not really ever felt comfortable enough to go for anything too extreme (I'm still new to accessorising, remember?) When I discovered Hell Flower, a small business that I spoke about in my last post, I knew that their brand would be a great entry into buying chokers, as they are so affordable, and seem to be amazing quality. Personally, I went for the Astra Choker Collar, it is a really nice manageable size and having only worn it once I am already checking out more chokers on their website, now I know how much I love this one.

As well as sharing a little bit of an accessories update with you all, I really wanted to show off these amazing edits that my gorgeous and talented friend Emmie did for me. Her creativity continues to stun me everyday, and I love how her background edits just transform every photograph to make it look so bold and fun!

So, that's all for now. I'm still rusty at writing, since I've had an unintentional break due to writer's block and a slight lack of motivation. Of course, I plan on trying to remain more consistent with blogging again, and I can't wait to get back to a point where I feel excited and inspired by writing and blogging again.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you enjoyed hearing about my ever growing love for accessorising!

Until next time,

Cherub Head Scarf - Dressed Up For Mars

Tie Dye Scarf - Izzy Harrison

Padlock Necklace - Vicious Punx (sold out)

Astra Collar Choker - Hell Flower

Earrings - Insatiable Lust (sample sale)

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