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A weekend of music

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

It's that time of year again, and my favourite time... Yes, it's festival season! I feel that personally this post should be commissioned by Strongbow Dark Fruit as the amount I drink during Summer is outrageous, but there is no greater feeling than standing in a warm field, cider in hand, sharing the excitement of your favourite band live on stage. In fact, I actually favour spending my money on gigs and festivals than going on holiday - bold statement I know!

With so many events coming up this Summer I foolishly find myself wishing the days and weeks away until another gig comes along, then the next and the next. This weekend I had the joy of seeing the Buzzcocks (a band that have been on the bucket list for far too long) alongside Stiff Little Fingers and 2-tone champions: The Beat and the Selecter. Sporting a Fred Perry polo, naturally, I love admiring the style of old school punks and mods who grew up on this music, which I can only be endlessly jealous about. Being a middle-aged man at heart, I definitely feel most 'at home' at these kind of shows.

Only two days later I had the pleasure of attending Dot 2 Dot festival in Nottingham, where I wore the outfit that features in this blog. Dot 2 Dot is such an exciting festival due to the huge amount of local and upcoming talent that take to the stage! With venues spread all across the city, you can wonder into any room and discover a brand new band to get listen to. However, due to the festival being so spread out, comfort is something I had to factor in when choosing what to wear.

Opting for a faded Levi's denim skirt, my go-to item of clothing when I want to feel sassy and confident the whole day through. Teamed with an (you guessed it) animal print wrap top, with the most eye catching bell-sleeve I've ever owned - Bowie or what?! With a lot of walking involved I went for my classic trusty Dr Martens Church boots, which are already covered in layers of booze from previous gigs, I'm sure a little more won't hurt!

Finally, in June I was lucky enough to land tickets to Queens of the Stone Age at Finsbury Park, featuring very, very special guests indeed. The only question now is, what to wear.....

Top - New Look

Skirt - Levi's

Boots - Dr Martens

Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters

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