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5 things I know now, that I wish I knew sooner

Hi everyone,

After a lot of hard thinking, I'm back with another blog post for you all. Now, much to my surprise, in a poll I posted on Instagram early last week - the majority of you opted to see more personal posts, rather than just purely fashion-based. This is actually a lot harder than it seems, producing a piece about my life that people actually care about reading? Crazy! However, I am always up for a challenge so here we are. I decided to write about the five things I know now, at the grand old age of 22, that I wish I could've told myself a little earlier in life.

1. Numbers don't matter

This can be applied to so many different aspect of life - ignore the numbers! Things that don't matter: how much you weigh, what your clothing size is, how many friends you have, how many followers you have, how many Likes you get, I could go on endlessly. Having a day ruined because of the number on the scales, or the fact that you have to take a bigger size in your dream pair of trousers is a feeling I was familiar with for a very long time. The idea of that just seems ridiculous to me now! Happiness, health, feeling amazing in an outfit (no matter the size), having fewer, more valuable friends are the things that really do matter.

2. Don't waste time chasing other people's dreams

I'm sure many people can relate to this next step, in a variety of different ways. For myself however, this step has mostly applied to my career. I've always been a bit all over the place, my ambitions ranging from forensic scientist, to visual merchandiser, to brain surgeon, to even a lollipop lady (yes, seriously!) College to me was more of an area to socialise; university was never really on the cards for me. Feeling like a bit of a disappointment, I opted to train as a dental nurse, a half-hearted attempt to keep everyone happy and be in a 'well-paid' stable career. Fast-forward two years later and I was pretty damn miserable, lacking an identity and really just not looking forward to getting up in the mornings. So what did I do? I left! Now I've spent two years working my way up the ladder in the retail industry, and still love it and thrive as much as I did when I first began. Pave the path of your own future - not one that will please everyone else.

3. Have an identity

Having a personal identity is something that I feel very strongly about, be it aesthetically, or personality-wise. Yes, I do shop on the high street and have a Vogue subscription and look to influencers for inspiration, but then I turn those looks into a more 'me' version. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is so much more valuable to me than being kitted in the newest, hottest trends. One day I will be dressed like a Topshop mannequin, another an extra from This Is England, and another I could be dressed like your dad. Whatever I am feeling, that's how I look. As for personality, I say always stay 100% genuine (unless you don't have anything nice to say, of course) because it means a lot more to me to be praised for acting like myself, rather than a fake.

4. It's okay to be a little selfish

Hands up anyone who's held themselves back to keep someone happy, your partner, for example? I'm sure there's a few of you. Myself included. Therefore, this is a life lesson I wish I could've got into my head a lot sooner than I probably did. Without going into too much detail in this step, I'll summarise what I've learnt: thinking about, and actioning what's best for you is okay! If someone in your life is stopping you from achieving, or spending time on yourself and your mental health, they're not worth your time. Someone who really loves you, and cares for you will understand your need for self-care, etc.

5. Don't regret anything

We've all gotten ourselves into silly, sticky situations in the past. Some memories I look back on and cringe, thinking why on earth did I think that was a good idea? Do I regret anything? Hell no! I wouldn't be in the same place as I am now, with the same experiences and the same knowledge if I hasn't made mistakes. Have fun, pursue your ambitions and don't regret a single second!

So there we have the five things I wish I could've told my past self. I hope you all enjoy this kind of personal post, but be assured that I will still feature the purely fashion-based posts thrown into the mix also. Please let me know what you think, I love to hear from you and I will be back again very soon!

Until then,

Coat - old Topshop (similar)

Jumper - Uniqlo

Skirt - Urban Outfitters

Shoes - Dr Martens (similar)

Handbag - old Next (similar luxury item)

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