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2020: Top Outfit Picks

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another blog post. It's that time of year again, December, the time for reflection. It's fair to say that as another new year is about to roll around, a lot of us like to look back at the past year and think about what we've achieved. For me, of course, that's taking a look at my outfits throughout the year and picking out my favourite look from each month.

Choosing my favourite looks is something I often like to do every year, over on my Instagram stories. This year, however, I thought it would be fun to do a separate blog post dedicated to it, so I can refer back to it when I like to look at how my tastes and my style has evolved over time. I also thought it might be a nice idea to revisit this post in a year and compare it to my top picks from 2021 - it's never too early to start planning next year's posts!

As we all are very well aware, it's been a strange year. Most of our time has been spent indoors, confined to our own homes, so dressing up hasn't always been on the agenda. Throughout the lockdown period in the UK I spent some of my time trying to put together outfits that I would have been wearing, had I been able to actually go outdoors. That being said, some months were difficult to find an outfit to feature in this post as my 'favourite' look, but I did just about manage to find one for every month. Without rambling on too much more, I'll start sharing my looks and talking through each one and why I picked them... I hope you enjoy!


Anyone who's followed me for a while will know that January's look is a pretty standard, classic choice. If I remember correctly, this Raf Simons collaboration with Fred Perry had just been released and this was the first time that I had worn it. Also featuring in this outfit is a pair of chunky Dr Martens, fishnet tights and one of my favourite skirts: this little PVC number. Definitely one of my go-to looks if I want to feel badass, but also totally comfortable and completely myself.


For some reason or another, I didn't post too many full outfit photographs on Instagram in the month of February. I only had the choice of two options to go with, and I decided to go with this photograph taken before work one day. I had only recently started my job at Paul Smith a couple of months before, and absolutely loved (and still do love) wearing a suit for work everyday. Particularly when the suit is tailored to perfection, and obviously blindingly pink! This suit seems to go down well with everyone on Instagram, as well as lovely strangers in the street who compliment it too. It was only fair to share one of my suits from work, as I am so lucky to work in a store surrounded by beautiful designer clothing.


Here in the UK, March was the month that we all went into lockdown due to the pandemic. I did, however, manage to fit in a shoot with the lovely Holly just before - which is probably one of my favourite shoots I have ever done. Holly allowed me the freedom to style myself however I wanted for the shoot, and this was the first time I had ever worn my beloved Le Kilt skirt. I think the recurring theme throughout all of this is that if I feel completely comfortable in an outfit, then I will always remember it as being one of my favourite looks. Although there is a lack of colour in this outfit, which usually I feature plenty of, we have tartan, we have knitwear and even a little bit of leopard print - all of the ingredients to make a very delicious outfit indeed.


April was a particularly difficult month to select a favourite outfit from, as the furthest we could venture was for a daily walk or to the supermarket. This outfit I chose was part of a '3 ways to style' series I did briefly, over on Instagram. I wanted to show 3 ways you could wear a pair of light-wash denim jeans, the ones in question being a pair from All Saints which I absolutely love and wear all of the time. I loved the juxtaposition between the pale pink tie dye of the polo, with the chunky black docs and accessories. I find it fun to play with pieces like this, to style them in unconventional ways, by clashing prints and colours to make something fun and a truly unique look.


By this point, I has well and truly discovered my love for kilts and was adding more to my collection. I love this look because it is daring and punk, but still a suitable summer outfit (the season in which I struggle the most with styling!) I love this t shirt that I found from a store on Depop, although it does attract quite a few stares, if you can deal with that I would go as far as to class it as a 'wardrobe essential'. Of course, I had to feature this look also because I had my pastel pink hair which I miss dearly and hopefully can bring back again one day...


June was yet another month that I struggled to find an outfit for, as I wasn't posting many outfit of the day photographs on Instagram. This outfit, however, is a classic look for me to go for if I want to feel great, and can't make my mind up what to wear. I find short sleeved button-down shirts make me feel super feminine and stylish, so that is something I always opt for when I want to feel great. This, obviously paired with a midi length skirt is my most preferred option. For me, this would be the perfect outfit to go to a gig in, or to spend the afternoon in a pub beer garden, however in June there wasn't any of that going on unfortunately!


My birthday month - and luckily the start of the lockdown restrictions being lifted slightly! My boyfriend and I did manage to have a night away in York, where I could put on my best, most extra outfit and enjoy a nice meal and a couple of cocktails, definitely much needed! This outfit speaks for itself really, as to why I chose it as my favourite for the month of July. All of the items featured you have seen, and will see, a million more times - my Cat O'Brien corset, Elizabeth Ilsley bag and of course some Vivienne Westwood for good measure. I felt great, and looked great, there's not much more to really say!


Another outfit here which completely speaks for itself; tartan - check! Dr Martens - check! Fred Perry polo - check! It's pretty clear why I featured this outfit, this kilt was an absolute Depop bargain at only £8 and the rest of the look features some of my most beloved wardrobe items. Coincidentally, this is also one of my most 'Liked' photographs on Instagram from 2020, so the rest of you seemed to love it too. It's so nice and reassuring when the outfits that I feel most 'myself' in get the best response, because it proves that I don't have to try and force a style upon myself for it to go down well. That's probably me reading a little to deeply into it, but it's just how I feel.


The months of autumn and winter is where I feel like I really come into my own with my style, bring out the knitwear! I am a self-confessed knitwear addict, so when the temperature begins to drop even slightly here in the UK I get excited. Particularly so, this year, because my first ever Hades knit entered my collection. I was waiting, oh so patiently, for the weather to be right to give this jumper its time to shine - and it's certainly seen the light of day so much more since this photograph. Another great second-hand Depop find was this pair of Underground England creepers, which I'm not quite sure how I managed so long without, and I think they're pretty much surgically attached to my feet nowadays!


This outfit, from October, is absolutely my favourite featured in this post. Part of the reason it is my favourite, is due to the fact it is mostly made up of pieces passed on from my close friends. My gorgeous friend Lawrie kindly let me have her Siouxie and the Banshees t-shirt, after I had been on the lookout for one for so long. It's absolutely perfect, and works so well with a blazer on top - a look which I am gravitating towards massively lately. Speaking of the blazer, this one is from my fabulous friend Louise's wardrobe and I was actually speechless when I heard that she was clearing it out. However, that worked well for me as it is now such a beloved piece in my own wardrobe.


Next up is a look which featured just last week in my most recent blog post! Let me tell you, I felt absolutely amazing in this outfit. Of course, we love a statement piece of knitwear around here. From looking at this post, compared to the other posts featuring in this blog, the common theme is that my favourite outfits are the ones I feel the most creative and free with my styling - yet sticking to the pieces I have always known and loved. This outfit, for example, features pieces that a lot of people will enjoy or even have in their own wardrobes, yet styled in a way that adds some edge which makes it stand out in the crowd and that is what I love so much about experimenting with my own style.


And finally, although we have only just entered the month of December, I thought I would have to include this look which I captured today. Teaming two brand-new Depop purchases, with my wardrobe favourites: cherry red Jadon Dr Martens and Fred Perry bomber, makes just the perfect look and I'm so happy with this outfit. The skirt is actually a second-hand Rasha Swais piece (a designer whom I've had my eye on for so long!) and was such a bargain, however it is slightly too small! After a soft cry, I decided to keep the skirt and add a little bit of extra fabric to the sides to allow more room, and hopefully make a unique piece which I love and get a lot of wear out of in the future.

There we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this, rather hefty, annual recap. It's always fun for me to look back at my style over a period of time and to discuss my thought process when it comes to styling, and my outfit choices. Already, I can't wait to look back at this post in the future and compare my looks then to what I was enjoying in 2020.

Thanks for reading, do let me know which look was your favourite!

Until next time,

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