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2019 albums worth talking about (Part 2)

Amyl and the Sniffers - Amyl and the Sniffers

Top Track(s) - GFY // Gacked on Anger

Overall rating - 7/10

I'll be honest, when a friend of mine brought this female-fronted, Australian band: I was dubious, to say the least. Already, I thought that they wouldn't be my cup of tea and almost gave up on listening altogether. I. Was. Wrong. I find myself turning to this record again and again when I want to feel like I am the badass frontwoman of my own band, and to feel true angsty rebel vibes. This band are very very high up on my "to see live" list for 2020.

Interpol - A Fine Mess (EP)

Top Track(s) - A Fine Mess // No Big Deal

Overall rating - 8.5/10

What an absolutely stunning, bite-sized release from Interpol! Naturally, these guys can do very little wrong in my eyes, however I'm not sure even I expected this stunning EP. From the very first second of the opening track: boom. You are hooked. It's astounding how hypnotising Paul Banks' can be, leading to hitting that "Repeat" button again and again to savour that instantly recognisable voice and guitar tone. The only bad word I can say about this EP is that it is just that, a five-song EP that does nothing less than leaving me praying for more in the not too distant future.

The Specials - Encore

Top Track(s) - Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys // The Lunatics

Overall rating - 7/10

You didn't think I could talk about the top albums of 2019 without mentioning this little gem, did you? Released almost 40 years after their last recorded studio album in 1980, the Specials are back with their usual antics, with a few funky bass lines thrown in for good measure. As well as the excitement of a new album release, 2019 was a good year for fans of the Specials in the form of a tour, as well as limited edition Fred Perry polo shirts (yes I treated myself to both of those luxuries!) I hope this isn't the last we hear from the Specials - there is certainly still life left in them yet!

Drenge - Strange Creatures

Top Track(s) - No Flesh Road // Avalances

Overall rating - 8/10

Drenge are an extremely new band on my radar: one who's name I've heard flying around but never got stuck into. However, after recognising a few of their tracks playing on the sound system at work, I knew I wanted to hear more. I'm a huge fan of how the album chops and changes style, rather than sticks to the same sound throughout. Together with the epic guitar build ups, interesting lyrics and upbeat tempo, this album is a must-listen if, like me, you hadn't gotten around to it yet.

Health - VOL. 4 :: SLAVES OF FEAR

Top Track(s) - FEEL NOTHING

Overall rating - 7/10

A rather unexpected entry on the biggest albums of 2019 - if I do say so myself. I have known about Health for a few years now, being a huge Crystal Castles fan, I first heard about Jupiter Keyes when his relationship with Alice Glass began. Since then, however, I haven't ever fully delved into the music which he produces. After the split (and scandal) of Crystal Castles, I have to say that listening to their music now makes me feel slightly uncomfortable upon hearing the allegations made by Alice about Ethan Kath. Because of this, I have had a huge electronic, messed up, synth-pop shaped gap in my life. For now: Health 100% is filling that with this record. The prefect blend of heavy and exciting, yet strangely relaxing in equal measures - yes, yes, YES!

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